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Catacombs of Rabat, Malta

If you take a day trip to Mdina you must take some time to visit St Paul’s and St Agatha’s Catacombs of Rabat with your kids!

Finding the Catacombs of Rabat

Rabat is a very simple 10 minute walk from Mdina down one very simple and very pretty straight road.

The streets on the way to the Catacombs of Rabat

On the way you will walk past the monumental and very grand looking St Paul’s Cathedral. The cathedral overshadows the little streets and cute square that surrounds it, therefore you cant miss it.

St Pauls Cathedral Rabat

To reach the catacombs of Rabat, continue walking over the square in a staright line.

Then keep going until you come to a square and grey building that looks very modern. This is the entrance and where you can get your tickets!

What are Catacombs?

Catacombs are man-made tunnels that ancient communities would inter their dead into. The catacombs in Rabat date back from the third to the eighth century and are thought to belong to Malta’s early christians.

St. Pauls is the largest Roman subterranean cemetery on the island of Malta. It is also evidence of the earliest Christians on the island.

Catacombs of Rabat
Catacombs of Rabat
Catacombs of Rabat
Catacombs of Rabat

The Catacombs

10 years ago the Catacombs were hidden in amongst a huge apple orchard! Now, the apple orchard has gone and the catacombs are open to the public.

In different periods of their history the catacombs have been used as:

  • air raid shelters in World War Two
  • rubbish dump
  • a church
  • water cysterns
  • shelter for livestock…. and the list goes on and on.

My little girl absolutely loved the catacombs of Rabat! We chose to have a look around the catacombs of St Pauls.

Inside the different catacombs we found:

  • ancient inscriptions
  • remnants of patterns and designs
  • hieroglyphics
  • paintings
  • marble traces
  • writing
  • and even human remains!
Entrance to one of the catacombs

Are the Catacombs of Rabat Worth a Visit?

My husband and little boy got a bit bored of the catacombs by about the fifth one so then started to explore the cacti instead.

Exploring the cacti at the catacombs

However, myself and my daughter made sure we went into every single one and we loved every minute of it!

Admission is a relatively fair price at €5 for an adult ticket. You can certainly spend a couple of hours wandering around and it makes a great excursion after a trip to Mdina.

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