Charmed by Oceanside, California

Charmed by Oceanside, California

When you have kids, road trips begin to consist of important play and food stops rather than long dreamy hours on the open road. That’s ok with us though, because then we get to explore places like Oceanside!

We were on our way from LA down to San Diego, the kids were getting restless in the car and my husband was itching to get back beside the ocean, so we decided to stop at Oceanside. The name, we thought, being quite apt.   

We thought we were stopping for an hour of playtime on the beach, however, what we found was the warm, mellow and inviting beach front of the lovely town of Oceanside.

Pelicans of the pier at Oceanside

We parked on the seafront sandwiched in between vans and cars carrying surfboard racks. As we were unpacking ourselves from the car we saw a steady stream of wetsuit clad surfers of all ages descending on to the beach, exchanging pleasantries and waving hello to each other, eager to join those already out in the water.

My husband and I exchanged a knowing look and I knew we were thinking the same thing… we already liked it here!

We headed straight for the pier where proud Pelican’s were waiting to greet us and the people fishing where happy to show off their catch to a curious three year old.

Having at look at the fish being caught – Oceanside California

There was even the opportunity to hire a fishing rod to do your own bit of fishing from the Oceanside Pier Bait Store for just $5 per hour! Bargain!

The pier offers up some lovely views of the shoreline and even the kids were happy to spend some time peeking through the wooden slats to urge the surfers to catch those long awaited waves at closer range.

Baby Bum watching the surfers in action – Oceanside, California

After a while we made our way back to the beach and strolled over to the beach playground. What could be better for our two munchkins than a playground on the beach! Sand and swings all in one go? Our little one was in her element!

I realise my kids have access to playgrounds at home, but looking at their little faces in the warm sun and enjoying running around in the soft sand reinforces my belief that travel is every bit as freeing for them as it is for us.

Swings by the ocean

Thank you, Oceanside. You offered up a warm and relaxed welcome and a lovely break from our Californian road trip.


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  1. As a father of three small children this was inspiring. The blog oozes authenticity, and the writing feels natural, and unforced. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. I live down in East County of San Diego and for some reason, I still have not been to Oceanside. It always seems like a far drive to me and if I want to go to the beach, I have the local beaches closer. Funny… but I will have to make it up there someday.

    1. You’re very lucky to have so many great places to visit on your doorstep

  3. It looks like a really lovely place to go to for a break.

  4. Wonderful photos! This looks like such a great trip!

  5. Hi there! Such a good post, thanks!

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