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Day Trips from Cala Galdana with Kids

Planning a holiday to Menorca? We highly recommend Cala Galdana as the place to base your adventures from. Here is a list of 5 day trips from Cala Galdana that allow you to explore the island a little more.

Cala Galdana Beach – day trips from Cala Galdana

The beach of Cala Galdana is a beautiful white sand beach which is well looked after and wonderfully flat. The water is welcoming, gentle, calm and really really shallow. It’s a parents dream.

There are fish around the rocks on either side of the bay, which makes it a great place to do a little snorkelling and the kids can play in and out of the water without fear of big waves or deep ledges.

Day trips from Cala Galdana - Cala Galdana beach

The town around Cala Galdana is small, but it has everything you might needed. A couple of little supermarkets for essentials, a good number of restaurants and some nice bars along the beach.

There is also a good bus service from Cala Galdana for a few days out. If you can tear yourself away from the beach that is.

Cala Galdana beach

Cala Macarella – day trips from Cala Galdana

A 30 minute alpine walk west of Cala Galdana is another picture perfect cove called Cala Marcarella. This beach is smaller than Cala Galdana but full of character and is home to a cool little beach bar at the back of the bay.

The walk from Cala Galdana is not buggy friendly at all. The path is riddled with tree roots and rocks and there is a large set of stairs at the end that takes you down to the beach.

We learnt this the hard way (and in the rain may I add) but I have to say it was totally worth it!

Day trips from Cala Galdana - Cala Macarella

We arrived on the beach while it was still raining and I couldn’t stop the kids jumping in the water! It was that inviting.

A section of the beach is covered in pine trees which makes great cover from the sun (and rain) and there are a few caves in the rocks to spot and explore.

Cala Macarella is such a lovely place to spend some time and a great beach for kids. Definitely a great option when in Cala Galdana with kids.

Cala Macarella

Cala Mitjana – day trips from Cala Galdana

Day trips from Cala Galdana - Cala Mitjana

A 40 minute walk east of Cala Galdana will bring you to Cala Mitjana.

This walk is another one that is definitely not buggy friendly as there are steps, rocky paths and even a little scramble down some pretty steep rocky hills, so bare this in mind if you are travelling with little ones like us.

Day trips from Cala Galdana - Cala Mitjana

However, the initial glimpses of the beach and the views are nothing short of stunning plus the colour of the water is amazing! The types of blues you can only see when the sea and sand is this pristine.

There are no facilities on this beach and no umbrellas. It’s just a gorgeous beach.

What makes Cala Mitjana special are the walks around the bay. You must explore the cliffs and see the views opposite the bay. It makes for a wonderful day out.

Day trips from Cala Galdana

Day Trip to Cuitadella de Menorca

There are some really good bus links from Cala Galdana so it would be silly not to optimise them.

There is only one bus stop in Cala Galdana so it’s not confusing or complicated to get about.

Day trips from Cala Galdana - Day Trip to Cuitadella de Menorca

The bus ride to Cuitadella de Menorca took a little over 30 minutes. The bus station is centrally located and easy to find for the return journey. If you need a little help download the Google Map of the area so you can use it off line. I usually do this and it is so helpful!

Cuitadella is extremely pretty with a typically Spanish feel about the place. The old town is lined by cute bakeries, quirky food shops and browsable souvenir shops.

You can walk around most of it in a couple of hours and the mix of the harbour, the grand squares, the shops, architecture, fort and stunning views make Cuitadella a really enjoyable day out with kids.

Day Trip to Cuitadella de Menorca

It is also worth mentioning the obelisk in the city’s main square of Placa d’es Born is a reminder of a poignant moment of Cuitadella’s history.

In 1558 the Turkish attacked and took the city including all its habitants. No-one was left and the survivors were either killed or taken back to Turkey as slaves.

The obelisk is there as a reminder of this day and although it is pretty impressive, I thought the story was even more moving.

Day Trip to Mahon

Mahon is about an hour from Cala Galdana on the bus. The buses to Mahon run less frequently so you need to make sure you are paying attention to the times.

Mahon is the capital of Menorca and is small and charming. Unlike other capital cities Mahon feels very residential and homely.

There are some good shopping opportunities through the ‘high street’ centre of town and the indoor market of Sa Plaça – Mercat de proximitat de Maó which is a great place to wander around and spend some time.

Day trips from Cala Galdana - Mahon in Menorca

The best bit for us was the walk around the harbour. The views, the water and the restaurants along the harbour made this a very lovely and welcoming place to be with the kids. We genuinely enjoyed our time here and not to mention it was extremely pretty in its typical Menorcan way.

There were also lots of locals in all the bars and restaurants which definitely gives this place a sense that it’s a city for the people, not the tourists and I really enjoyed that.

Day Trip to Cuitadella de Menorca

Although be warned, the shop keepers of Mahon and the bigger less resorty places are fiercely protective over their stock and shops. They really really do not like little playful hands touching their goods.

Shops are mostly independently owned in Menorca and there are very few big chains. I totally understand their wariness as, essentially, we are messing with their livelihoods. Whether you agree or not though it is a small adjustment to make and something to be aware of if you are with kids.

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