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How to Day Trip to Tijuana Mexico with Kids

What do you think of when I say the word Tijuana? Mexican zebras, cultural statues, jewellery markets and Mariachi bands? No? Well, let me see if I can change your perspective Here’s everything you need to know about how to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids!

Can you take kids to Tijuana? – How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids

Dancing in Mariachi Square, Tijuana - How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids
Dancing in Mariachi Square

Before we went I had a lot of questions about visiting Tijuana. Was it safe? Is it easy? Was it practical to take kids? What would the border crossing be like?

I hadn’t read any stories about going over to Tijuana, so I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing.

While we were staying in San Diego we asked some of the locals about going to Tijuana to see if we could get some tips on the best way to do it. Overwhelmingly, the answer we got was, ‘ooooo I’m not sure about that’.

Even though we found the general outlook on Tijuana to be quite pessimistic, i’m so glad it didn’t deter us from going. We had the most fabulous time, kids included!

How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids
On the road to Mexico

How to Get There? – How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids


If you are heading down from San Diego, as we did, you need to make your way to the border crossing Ysidro on the I5 

If you want to park your car and go over on foot you will need to come off the I5 on the exit that says  LAST USA EXIT PARKING 

Parking - How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids
Picture so you know what you are looking for

After this follow the road signs and pick a car park. We parked in one of the first ones we saw and it cost $9 for 12 hours, which gave us plenty of time.

Border Crossing – How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids

From here the border crossing is less than 10 minutes walk past the outlet shopping. If your unsure where to go, head for the silver arch, which is actually Tijuana’s clock tower! 

How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids
Tijuana’s clock arch from Mariachi Square

Once you get to the border buildings walk through the door under the sign that says Mexico. It is through here that you will need to fill in your visa.

The way to Tijuana border crossing - How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids
Don’t go anywhere else, just follow the arrow inside

There are toilets, banks and ATMs available as you park up in the outlet shopping mall.  You can also find these amenities inside the border crossing. 

What to do in Downtown Tijuana

Tijuana with kids!
We made it!

Once you are through in to Mexico you can catch a taxi to downtown Tijuana. 

Arrange the price beforehand. We paid $5 each way, but be aware and don’t get ripped off. You could probably walk to downtown Tijuana via the footbridge but with the children and buggy I opted for an easy taxi ride. 

Mariachi band
Little One watching a Mariachi band 

The taxi dropped us off at Mariachi Square and it was here and Revolution Street where we spent most our time.

However, if you explore the streets to the left and right of Revolution Street the shops are a little more traditional and they have more of a South American feel. On the right of Mariachi Square you can also find and visit the cathedral.

How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids
Tijuana’s cathedral

The people in Tijuana were very generous and extremely friendly.

One man taught the Little One how to say Unicorn in Spanish and a jewellery vendor in a lovely little side street market gave her a kids dress-up ring with a bear on it.

How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids
Coffee and hot dog time 

We stopped at a 7/11 type place and got a hotdog and a coffee with the few Pesos we had left.

Our Baby Bum had a little sleep in the buggy and we sat and listened to a table of people singing Mexican songs and playing the guitar.

Mexican Zebra
Tijuana’s Mexican zebra

We also witnessed the Mexican Zebra, the statues that line Revolution Street and lots of amazing street art. 

We felt completely safe and spent around 5 hours wandering around Tijuana before we caught a taxi on Revolution street (very easy to do) and headed back to the US border. 

How to day trip to Tijuana Mexico with kids - street art
One example of Tijuana’s exceptional street art

When you travel anywhere in the world make sure you don’t go to places that make you feel uncomfortable and trust your instincts. Keep the basics in mind and you’ll have a great day out!

Let me know if you found this article useful or if you have taken a trip to Tijuana yourself in the comments below!

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  1. Lauren

    Great advice – whether travelling with kids or not, you should always trust your instincts and leave anywhere you feel uncomfortable!

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    I love this post – It would have never occurred to me to take a day trip like this if we were in the area. Saving it in my favorites:) Love the fun pictures too!

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    I agree! As long as you are aware of your surroundings, you can pretty much travel to most places – even a day trip to Tijuana Mexico! Looks like fun.

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    This is totally inspiring to me!! I always wanted to visit Tijuana when in san diego, but it has such a bad reputation…. next time I am doing it!! Did you get any good mexican food!!

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    Great idea. We plan to go to southern CA as a family in the next couple years and this is something I think would be fun

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    Great ideas! I wish we had done a day trip here while we still lived in Southern CA, but we go back often so we can still make it happen! I love the street art!

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    This is a great guide, really useful tips. It’s not a way I would have considered visiting Mexico before!

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    It’s so cool that you guys can just drive into another country for a fun day. Thanks for the super helpful tips! It’s a shame though that for those with Third World passports (like mine), I probably won’t opt for a land crossing as it gets complicated too quickly. But would love to visit Tijuana in any case!

  10. Chloe Holgate

    I did a day trip to Tijuana when I was visiting San Diego a long time ago now but I loved it, it was a great way to get a taste of Mexican culture. It looks like you had a lovely time there. thanks for sharing these wonderful tips and advice, especially helpful for those traveling with children!

  11. Smita Chandra

    Tijuana looks nice, clean and with lots of sights to explore. I’d go there for the food alone! Glad you guys had fun.

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    I’ve been wanting to visit Tijuana! I was bummed that I didn’t get to visit last time I was in San Diego. I will need to make it happen next time I’m over there!

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    Thanks for this post! We’re looking at doing this with our kids when we are in San Diego this summer!

  14. Chef Mireille

    I went to school in New Mexico and it was great to be able to drive to Mexico within a few hours. I had some friends who went to school down south In Las Cruces, NM I could stay with them and we would often go hang out in Juarez (when it was safer) I am glad there are still parts of Mexico where you can drive over to spend the day.

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      You are so lucky to have lots of lovely childhood memories of visiting Mexico.

  15. Rahat Arora

    I heard Tijuana for the first time it looks so nice, clean and with lots of sights to explore. I would definitely like to visit this place

  16. SuBhaSun

    It looks like a cool place to visit with kids. And you seemed to had a great fun time there all together. Would love to explore with my little one someday.

  17. Richa

    Looks like you guys had a lovely holiday at Tijuana. Your daughter seems to have really enjoyed the cross border experience given her lovely dance at the Mariachi Square 😉 I would like to visit the neoclassical Jai Alai Frontón palace and the modern cultural complex of Centro Cultural Tijuana. I have also heard of lucha libre (wrestling) matches in Tijuana. Quite intriguing!!

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    I’ll be saving this post for sure! The dancing in the square photo is so adorable. I also love the shadow of the flags from the sun. Great post very imformative

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    Wonderful post. I almost visited Tijuana too when I was in San Diego last year but changed my mind last minute cause there was some security issue on the border. Can’t wait to plan a trip there!

  20. Aww! I travel solo and don’t have a family yet but looking at your pictures, I felt maybe it is a different and more human experience to travel with a child. SOmeday I guess!

  21. Nina Out and About

    I’m glad you had an awesome time! I’ve never been to Tijuana, but my brother went and ran over his own leg with an ATV … so I can see why people worried about your kids. It’s more about people behaving sillily themselves.

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