You are currently viewing Pumpkin Picking at Pumpkin Moon in Maidstone, Kent

Pumpkin Picking at Pumpkin Moon in Maidstone, Kent

Pumpkin picking has grown into THE thing to do in the month of October and today we went to do our fair share at Pumpkin Moon in Maidstone, Kent.

Getting There

This place is a little bit tricky to find. If you’re not paying attention you can drive straight past the turning on the A229, which is exactly what we did along with a couple of my friends. 

But, once you’re there park the car up, head for the fields and grab yourself a wheelbarrow!


If you’re not sure you know your Crown Prince from your Acorn Pumpkin the lovely ladies at the entrance tent can supply you with a sheet with pictures of the edible varieties. This was hugely helpful in our quest to find the best pumpkins to make our pumpkin soups with – my culinary skills are quite limited when it comes to Pumpkin.

What’s there?

The fields are open and the view unobstructed meaning the kids can explore and you can easily keep track of them.

There is a maize field that runs along the back, which they have also incorporated an actual little maze into, which is completely buggy and wheelbarrow friendly.

There are also so many opportunities to fill your phone up with super cute photos of your little ones in amongst all the different varieties of pumpkin. 

Once your little ones have finished picking pumpkins, you can find a range of kids activity tents on the right hand side of the field.

These include storytelling, face painting and pumpkin painting amongst others. If your kids are keen to do it all you can purchase a wrist band for £10. 

If you get hungry or thirsty there is also a food truck and hot drinks truck that offer a welcomed break from pushing your heavy pumpkin and child laden wheelbarrow around the field.

Useful to know

Pumpkin Moon is free to enter and you just pay for the pumpkins you take away. The edible pumpkins seem to be more expensive than the decorative varieties and the cute mini versions are £1 each.

It’s a great way to spend a lovely couple of hours with your family and friends and your kids will love the adventure.

Top Things to Do at Pumpkin Moon:

1. Buy a pumpkin

2. Spend time exploring the fields

3. Explore the maize maze

4. Pick some maize and pull it apart

5. Give your kids a wheelbarrow ride

6. Arrange some of the pumpkins and take lots of cute pictures

7. Meet the scarecrow 

8. Do some or all of the kids activities if you’re wanting to make a day of it

9. Maybe go for lunch?

10. Take appropriate foot wear to kick around in the mud.