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Trtl Travel Pillow

After years of uncomfortable night flights and being a bobbing head in the passenger seat of our numerous road trips, I decided to invest in a good travel pillow. I chose the Trtl Travel Pillow as I liked the idea of it, but is it as good as the hype suggests?

Trtl Travel Pillow

My first impression of the pillow as I took it out of the packaging was that it was exactly as I expected. Phew! There is nothing worse than being disappointed by a first impression, especially as I decided to spend slightly more on the Trtl than going for the more traditional horseshoe shaped pillow.

I have had the pillow since March and used it on a long-haul night flight from Vancouver whilst flying with my two small children, but it wasn’t delivering in comfort like I thought it would. I couldn’t get it to sit right on my shoulder whilst holding my five month old baby. With the lack of room and the heavy baby in my arms I eventually gave up with it. I still really wanted to like it, but I started to have doubts. I decided that perhaps I hadn’t worn it enough to form a proper opinion just yet and that I needed to give it another go.

Well, I must say, second time round was a charm! I wore it on another night flight from LAX to London and it worked like a dream! I slept remarkably well and felt good after several hours of continuous sleep. My neck didn’t ache and I found it so comfortable I even started to wear it while I was awake sorting out the children. Then, when I was ready to go back to sleep, I simply snuggled back into it and closed my eyes – so simple. I twisted the pillow around to both shoulders with ease, although I preferred it on my left side and had none of the comfort problems I had experienced previously. My husband didn’t sleep half as well so I gave it to him for the last hour so he could enjoy the comfort and neck support before he had to drive us all home!

I think the pillow is marketed more towards young travelling types and unfortunately I don’t think I fall into that category any more. However, I am a pretty consistent travelling mum of two and I think this is a good product for anyone who is trying to get some sleep whilst on the move. After all, regardless of who we are and how old we are, what we all want from a travel pillow is ease, comfort and sleep!

It is also pretty easy to carry around. To fix it to my baby bag I just loop the end through the top handle and velcro it shut again. It then just sits on top of the backpack (as seen in the picture below) and I forget about it until I need it. It’s not cumbersome or heavy – again, so easy!

A possible con of this product is the way the pillow wraps around the neck like a scarf. People that I had given it to to test out had complained that it would make them too hot.  I personally like the scarf like nature of the pillow and I didn’t get hot in it at all. 

Overall, I like this pillow very much and i’m so happy I persevered with it. At £24.95 this is one of the pricier options on the market, but I think you will get your moneys worth out of it. ‘Travel pillow reinvented’, indeed!

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