Hi, i’m Jayne and the creator of Well Travelled Munchkins.

We are a young family of four who try and get out in the world where ever we can. By trade we are both teachers, and although that can sometimes be incredibly hard work, the holidays allow us to do what we love, and that’s travel.

My husband and I met whilst we were both travelling in New Zealand so we are no strangers to travel. Now it’s just a little bit different as we do it with the munchkins in tow too, and that’s what our blog is all about. Travelling successfully with small children.


Our Story

We are all about travelling the world with little ones, especially those of the littlest variety as our eldest daughter, who we call Little One, is three and our youngest, who we loving refer to as Baby Bum, is 10 months old. 

Our blogs are about taking the unknown out of travelling with kids and providing a few hints, tips and money saving bargains along the way!

Peak2Peak Whistler Canada

Some Travels Before the Munchkins

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