Family Travel with the mifold Comfort Grab-and-Go Booster seat Review

The milfold Comfort Grab-and-Go Booster seat has taken all the stress out of packing car seats as part of family travel and here's why! Car seats can be a real bugbear when packing for a holiday. Normal boosters are really bulky and can take up lots of valuable room in your luggage. This can be plain annoying, especially if you are going away for a long time or flying long haul. However, this is where the milfold Comfort Grab-and-Go Booster Seat is perfect! It's incredibly compact, lightweight and very easy to install! It's so small each seat can fit right into my hand luggage! Perfect for carrying around day-to-day and perfect for those short haul hand luggage only flights.

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Pros and Cons Travelling Over Christmas

Christmas is a time to get together with the whole family, eat too much food, drink too much drink and play lots and lots of board games...... or is it? We made the decision to forgo all that tradition and swapped one special day for eleven! We wanted to see what it was like travelling abroad over Christmas.

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American Road Trip Advice

After a lot experience of hiring cars and road tripping across the US, including driving in LA, we have come up with the best pieces of advice for driving in the US. So if you are planning the most amazing American road trip, here are some points to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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What to Pack in your Kids Carry-on Bag

If you are planning to get on a plane with children it's a good idea to get each child their own carry-on bag. This is the perfect way for them (or you) to fill it with all the essentials THEY will need when they fly. This leaves your bag free to be packed with the things that you need and it also gives them a sense of being responsible for something and a little bit of independence. Here's our guide to what to pack in your kids carry-ons.

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Is It Important to Travel with Children?

Is it Important to Travel with Children? If you are new to the concept of travelling with children then the prospect could present itself as a little bit daunting. Taking a child and everything they need away from the comfort of your own home and on a trip that they probably won't even remember seems ridiculous! However, there are so many reason why it is a great idea to travel with children! In fact there are so many positive reasons and research that suggests travelling with your children gives young minds opportunities to grow, learn and develop their emotional and moral well being.

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