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What to Pack in your Kids Carry-on Bag

If you are planning to get on a plane with children it’s a good idea to get each child their own carry-on bag. This is the perfect way for them (or you) to fill it with all the essentials THEY will need when they fly. This leaves your bag free to be packed with the things that you need and it also gives them a sense of being responsible for something and a little bit of independence. Here’s our guide to what to pack in your kids carry-on bag.

1. Tablet and Headphones

I know, I know. I’m sure at some point I said that I wouldn’t be one of those mums either, but then I had three kids and got real with myself.

When we are packing for flights we usually take the Kindle Fire 10″ as the screen is a good size and they can all sit around it quite easily. We haven’t reached the point where they need / want their own yet, but when that time comes (as i’m sure it will), i’ll happily get them all a slightly smaller version as this will be much easier for them to fit into their carry-on bags.

Kindle fire to include in kids aeroplane carry-on luggage
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kids headphones to include in carry-on luggage
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There are loads of different headphones to choose from out there, and as my kids are still pretty small I chose a product that was comfortable, simple and cheap. This is exactly what the iClever headphones are. They have a noise limiter and are wired so there is no faffing – i just plug them in and off they go.

These headphones are usually on some kind of special offer too, so it’s always worth having a look.

2. Snacks – what to pack in your kids carry-on bag.

I always pack a range of snacks when packing the kids carry-on bags. These range from savoury pretzels, breakfast bars, fruit bars and yoghurt covered raisins.

Here’s a top tip for you, if you are packing sweeties, give each child a small freezer bag with some sweeties inside. Once they have finished the bag you know how much they have had and you are in control of how much more you are willing to give them.

This works a treat with us. I have the sweets in my bag and I distribute them out a bit at a time. Also makes them last a lot longer and the kids feel they are getting lots more too!

3. Colouring and Activity Books, Pencils and Notebooks

When the kids are little we quite enjoy making our own colouring books from pictures on the internet. This way the pictures are of all their favourite TV characters and makes the experience a little bit more personalised and they find it great fun picking out what they want.

However, the older they get the less likely they are to simply sit and colour. They need other creative outlets and this is where Create This Book comes in.

Essentially, it is a book filled with blank pages and each page has different prompts on them suggesting how to decorate or use the space in the book.

There is a YouTube channel that goes along with the book and it is a great option to pack in your kids carry-on bag if your kids a just that little bit older.

Kids carry-on luggage book

4. Games

There is such a variety of travel games out there to choose from.

As time passes and the kids get older you’ll find the games you choose to pack will change and diversify. At the moment we really enjoy travel snakes and ladders and any type of card game. The travel sized options are so easy to pack and cards take up no room at all.

Plus we always try and go with a game that will keep all of us entertain. For example, when the kids are in bed, Mark and I are no strangers to a game of Uno!

5. Stickers

Stickers can literally keep my munchkins occupied for hours! Sticking them over themselves, me, my husband, the plane the possibilities are endless.

We tend to get these 3D puffy stickers from Amazon as they are such great value for money

6. Books

If you have a good reader then a book is definitely something to pack into your kids carry-on.

Here are some really good titles according to age range:

Age 1-3

Age 3-5

Age 6-8

7. Toys – What to Pack in your Kids Carry-on Bag

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  1. Dawn

    Great selection! Bringing a kid on a trip was one of the most difficult experiences I’ve had. My son was only 9 months then, and it was only a 1-hour flight plus a 1-hour ferry trip. I bought a book, 2 toys, and some biscuits. It wasn’t enough. Haha!
    Next time I’ll try bringing more. Coloring materials and stickers are a good idea. 🙂

    1. Jayne1

      Having kids is just one huge learning curve isn’t it, that just keeps going…. 🙂

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