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We are the Well Travelled Munchkins
here to help you discover and plan exciting, meaningful and affordable family holidays with your kids!

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Travel with Kids

If you are looking for destination inspiration, budget travel tips and general family travel advice you are in the right place!

Well Travelled Munchkins is a place where our passion for travel and exploring the world is paired with the practicalities of doing that as a family of five!

Travelling with our kids is a natural progression from how we lived our lives before having a family.

We do not see travel as a one-off experience, not are we full-time travellers. 

We see travel as a really important part of how we want to raise our children. Because of this we choose to travel year-round in-between work and school commitments. 

Ultimately, we don’t want to tell our children how to live their lives, we want to show them!

Our Approach to Family Travel

The most important factor that determines how much we can travel throughout the year is costs. We budget and travel-hack relentlessly to get the best travel deals available. 

Everything we book and everywhere we go is paid for with our own coin. Some of the ways we make family travel affordable as a family of five are: 

– Road trips 

– Camping

– Off-season package holidays

– Non-specific destinations

We travel exclusively in the school holidays as we work and the kids go to school. Although, we are also not against utilising our weekends for some local adventures closer to home in and around the home counties. 

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