Welcome to Well Travelled Munchkins!

Welcome to Well Travelled Munchkins!

This blog is all about travelling with kids!

Our focus is on sharing with you our three main principles when we travel as a family:  

1. Anyone can travel with kids on any budget. 

We will tell you how and the best ways to do this!

2. Travelling with kids should be fulfilling and fun for everyone involved. 

Ask yourself, is what you have planned or about to pay for worth it? Will everyone get something out of it?

3. Look for the best (and usually free) things to do in any destination so that you can travel on any budget and have fun at the same time! 

Our blogs are the perfect way for you to start  planing your upcoming travel plans!

Here on Well Travelled Munchkins you will find lots of destination guides and budget focused travel hacks to help you achieve the fun and fulfilling holiday you want!

What does family travel mean to you?

When it comes to family travel our motto is:


There is no pressure to do or go anywhere specific while your on holiday because it’s YOUR holiday! You make the rules and that is by far the best part! 

Those gorgeous white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters don’t just belong to those tiny, expensive little islands far, far away. They can be a lot closer (and cheaper) than you think! 

So stick with us as we look at all the options around family travel with your pocket, your happiness and a whole load of destinations in mind.

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Plus they’ll be loads of general fun and frolics all based around traveling with kids!

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