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We are the Well Travelled Munchkins and welcome to our little corner of the family travel industry.

Since having kids we have consistently chosen travel and new experiences for our young and growing family. We do this because we believe it is invaluable to their development, we do it because we love it and now, as they get older, we do it because they love it too!

Since Mark and I met each other in New Zealand in 2009, travel has been a big part of who we are. So when we started to have children, travelling with kids was a no brainer.

Since 2015 we have spent our summers travelling with our kids camping through France, Spain, Croatia, Austria and Italy with little more than a tent, blow-up bed and a gas stove. Our most recent camping escapade was six glorious weeks in southern France and northern Spain.

We have also spent time road tripping through the USA, and Canada, day tripping in Mexico touring the beautiful islands of the BalearicsMalta, Madeira and Cyprus, plus exploring the Scilly Isles and other amazing places a little closer to home. We have even managed a kid-free trip to Iceland

We are not a full time travel family. We have day jobs and the kids go to school. And although travelling only in the school holidays can be more expensive, we have lots of tip and tricks on how to make travel affordable. 

So, if you are looking for travel ideas or advice on travelling with kids, you are in the right place!

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