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Save Money on Dover Calais Ferries

Driving out onto the continent and leaving the White Cliffs of Dover in your rearview mirror is one of the best feelings out there! However, ferry prices are on the rise and one of the most appealing aspects of a driving holiday across the channel is that you can make it a bit cheaper. Here are 6 tips to ensure you can still save money on Dover to Calais ferries.

Price Match All Carriers – save money on Dover to Calais ferries

Price matching is a must if you are looking for the best possible deal on your Dover to Calais ferry crossing. Don’t settle for the price from the carrier you usually go with or simply the one you have heard of.

Price match - save money on cross channel ferries

You can use comparison sites, and there are loads of them if you do a simple Google search. Or look directly at the three main carriers, DFDS, Irish Ferries and P&O.

Deals on Food and Drink

If the ferry crossing prices are very similar on all carriers, you might find there are offers on food and drink once onboard. Sometimes there’s a free meal for every paying passenger and sometimes you might get the offer of some free duty free.

This might not save you money on the crossing, but when is a free meal a bad thing?

save money on cross channel ferries

Choose Another Port – save money on cross channel ferries

If the prices of the Dover to Calais or Calais to Dover route are looking expensive, try changing the French port to Dunkirk.

Dunkirk is a little further north on the French coast and the crossing is about 30 minutes longer. This means sometimes these crossings are a little cheaper.

Save Money on a Dover - Calais Ferry Crossing

Vouchers – save money on Dover to Calais ferries

Check to see if you can use your reward points from the big super markets to help pay for your crossing.

The Tesco Clubcard and Sainsbury’s Nectar points can definitely be used when booking ferry crossings. You just need to check which carriers they are working with.

It might also be useful to see if any of the carriers are working with any cashback rewards systems or discounts.

save money on cross channel ferries

Flexible Dates and Times

The more flexible you can be with your dates and the times of day you would like to depart, the more cheaper you can make your ticket.

It’s good to remember that avoiding peak times of travel can certainly bring costs down. Also afternoon crossings are less popular so can be a little cheaper.

save money on cross channel ferries

Book Early

Booking your Dover to Calais ferry crossing as early as you can will more than likely save you money. The later you leave it the less availability there is and prices go up. Last minute deals seem to be a thing of the past nowadays. So get booking promptly to make any savings on your tickets.

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