Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent with Kids

If you told your kids you were going to take them high up into the tree tops and let them play around like little monkeys for the afternoon, what do you think they would say? Well, that's exactly what we told our little munchkins when we went to Go Ape at Leeds Castle in Kent and they could not have been more excited! I earned some proper 'cool parent' points with this trip!

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Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Review

Sustainable travel is something that the whole world is talking about these days and with good reason. We need to look after our planet to ensure there is a planet left for our children. As a family, we are very aware of our carbon footprint and it's good to know Cabin Max are taking the idea of sustainable travel seriously too. They have created the Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Cabin Backpack made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles!

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