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Cabin Max’s CarbonBlack Backpack

Cabin Max’s CarbonBlack Backpack was gifted to Well Travelled Munchkins. All opinions, words and pictures are our own. This article contains affiliate links.

The CarbonBlack Sports Backpack is another Cabin Max product that is made from RPET just like the Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Cabin Backpack.

RPET is a polyester created by recycled plastic bottles. In each CarbonBlack Sports Backpack there are 24 500ml recycled plastic bottles! It’s an ingenious way to reuse single use plastics and keep them out of our oceans and land fill.

Cabin Max really are leading the way in terms of creating quality products from recycled plastic materials. We at Well Travelled Munchkins absolutely love the idea and the products that they create!

It really does beg the question at the time that i am writing this – why aren’t others doing the same thing?

CarbonBlack Sports Backpack from Cabin Max

First Impressions of Cabin Max’s CarbonBlack Backpack

The backpack feels sturdy and strong. There is nothing about the bag that makes you query whether or not this is a quality product. Great care has gone into the detailing on the bag such as the reflective safety stripes at the front and the embossed logo design on the front panel.

When empty the bag feels lightweight and there’s more than enough room, with 26L of space to fill up, for all my belongings. The bag has two water bottle holders, which I find I cant live without now-a-days, and the rear Airmesh padding is thick and well placed for maximum comfort when carrying a full load.

Cabin Max's CarbonBlack Backpack

Cabin Max’s CarbonBlack Backpack – How does it perform?

I generally use backpacks when I travel with my kids. It is so much easier to carry a backpack on my back so I am hands free and ready to tackle any child related emergency.

So, baring this in mind I took the CarbonBlack Sports Backpack from Cabin Max on holiday to Ibiza. Over the week we were there the bag just kept getting better and better!

CarbonBlack Sports Backpack from Cabin Max in Ibiza

I have been so impressed with it, I have replaced my old day-to-day baby specific backpack with the CarbonBlack Backpack. It’s easier to use, much more comfortable to wear and I can still fit everything i need into it.

I especially love the ‘secret’ pocket on the rear panel. I have used this to put my keys, phone or passport in depending on where I am. It’s deep enough to comfortably fit all these things in at once if you wanted to. The pocket is even accessible when you’re wearing the backpack.

Cabin Max's CarbonBlack Backpack

I have also started taking it to work with me. The main compartment of the CarbonBlack Sports Backpack from Cabin Max has a laptop slot that fits a device up to 13″ in size. Plus, the bag comes with its own USB cable to enable you to link devices such as your phone to a Power Bank, which slots into its very own Power Bank pocket within the bag!

USB port - Cabin Max's CarbonBlack Backpack

All these features make being portable on a professional and personal level so much easier.

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Quality of the CarbonBlack Backpack

Nothing about the design of the bag or the way it has been made feels below par.

The backpack has three well lined sections that include three quality zips. I’m not usually a fan of a bag with lots of sections, however I have found even the small compartment right at the front of the bag handy. I use it to store tickets, sweets and my phone on occasion as it provides easy and quick access.

CarbonBlack Sports Backpack from Cabin Max

I love that it comes with its own USB cable and Power Bank pocket, which goes to show how much thought has gone into the design of this bag. Plus the ‘secret’ pocket, which is lined with a soft felt like material for maximum comfort.

The RPET material is also water resistant, which is invaluable when you get caught in those unpredictable British, or Spanish, showers, and the base of the bag is completely waterproof to protect the contents of the bag when it gets popped on the floor.

Come rain or shine

Possible Problems

The CarbonBlack Sports Backpack from Cabin Max doesn’t come in a range of colours. This means your only option is sleek and black at the moment.

Price – Cabin Max’s CarbonBlack Backpack

The CarbonBlack Backpack retails between £19.95 and £30 depending on where you buy it from. Even at £30 the CarbonBlack is £20 cheaper than its nearest rival and offers so much more such as: the drinks bottle holders, the USB cable plus Power Bank pocket and the ‘secret’ rear pocket.

For me, this is hands down the better option.

Cabin Max's CarbonBlack Backpack


Cabin Max state that the bag is,

Versatile, durable and well-built, the CarbonBlack is possibly all the backpack you will ever need.

I’m inclined to agree with them!

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  1. Karen

    What an amazing back pack! Love that it has a secret pocket and its own powerbank and all from recyclable materials! I’ll definitely be checking the Cabon Max range out

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      The secret pocket is very handy. I find myself using it all the time!

  2. Amanda

    This looks like such an awesome backpack and what a great value for the price! I’m going to look into Cabon Max backpacks for my husband.

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      It really is such great value and my husband tries to steal mine all the time to take to the gym!

  3. Liona

    This looks like a fantastic backpack for travel. I’m always on the lookout for eco-friendly options.

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      Us too! We love the Cabin Max RPET range.

  4. Margie

    That backpack can fit a lot of stuff! I like that it can be a carry on for a quick trip because of all it can hold. The price is pretty great too.

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      It’s very practical and the price is definitely a great bonus!

  5. Sarah Wilson

    Love the USB pocket.

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      I know! It’s so handy and practical!

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