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Beaches of Cala d’Or in Mallorca

The beaches of Cala d’Or in Mallorca are a series of beautifully secluded coves that surround crystalline waters of blue and turquoise. Just perfect for both kids and parents alike!

All of the beaches of Cala d’Or on the Spanish island of Mallorca are lined with pine and palm trees, which frame the waters of the Mediterranean perfectly and the good news is, they are all walkable from the middle of town!

Cala Gran

Beaches of Cala d'Or - Cala Gran

Playa Cala Gran is a 5 minute walk from the centre of Cala d’Or town. The sand beach isn’t very wide, but it is about 100 metres long meaning you can still claim a space even if its busy.

Cala Gran has great access for buggies and prams down to the front of the beach. It also offers facilities such as toilets, snack kiosks and a great little cafe selling pizzas and drinks. There is also the option to hire beach umbrellas if you plan on staying the whole day.

Cala Ferrera

Cala Ferrera is about a 25 minute walk from the centre of Cala d’Or. Although it is a little further away, the walk takes you past Fantasy Park Cala d’Or and streets filled with cute little souvenir and local shops to have a nosey around.

Cala Ferrera is the widest beach, which means there is more room at the water’s edge. We also found sea is the shallowest and calmest here making it a great choice when spending a day at the beach with little children.

The quickest way to get down to the beach does involve some stairs, so if you have a buggy you will need to carry it. There is access without stairs, but it will add another 10ish minutes onto your walk. The walk itself is a little more residential, so not as interesting.

Beaches of Cala d'Or - Cala Ferrera

Cala Serena

Playa Cala Serena is another beach in Cala d’Or and is in the next cove over from Cala Ferrera. This particular beach is probably the farthest away and will take around 35 minutes to walk to from the centre of town.

Cala Serena is one of the smallest coves in Cala d’Or (not long or wide) and is mainly used for diving trips and by the hotels around it.

On a quite day Cala Serena is very secluded and offers some great leafy shade along the side of the sand.

Beaches of Cala d'Or - Cala Serena

Caló d’es Pou

Caló d’es Pou is in the opposite direction from town around the other side of Cala d’Or Marina.

This beach is about a 30 minute walk from the centre of town. The route takes you around the marina, past some impressive and affordable restaurants and then along a very pretty wooded path that runs parallel to the waters edge. The walk becomes a part of your day out!

The beach is a little rockier at the waters edge than the others, which is worth keeping in mind if you are travelling with toddlers. The beach is about 100 metres deep and offers beautiful views and great swimming.

There are toilets and a cafe at the top of the beach, but they may not be open if your visit out of season.

The Starfish Glass Bottom Boat also picks up and drops off from this location.

Caló d'es Pou from the air

Directly behind the beach you will find a road called Carrer de sa Marina. Here you will find a mini market and various cafes and restaurants all very child friendly. It also has a square full of bars, restaurants and general entertainment, if you need a break from all that sea and sand!

If you continue walking past the beach for another 10 minutes you will come to Es Forti, a little fortification that dates back to the 1730s.

It is well maintained and free to enter and offers amazing views out over the Mediterranean!

Es Forti

Playa Cala d’Or

The last of Cala d’Or’s beaches is Playa Cala d’Or. It is very much like Cala Gran, but without the facilities. That’s not to say it isn’t still absolutely stunning! Nevertheless, with buggies and kids, Cala Gran might be a better choice.

However, if you prefer to get away from the cafes and bars that draw people into Cala Gran, this would make another great beach day!

Cala d'Or beaches

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