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Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Review

The Cabin Max Metz Re.Source backpack was gifted to Well Travelled Munchkins. All opinions and words are our own.

Sustainable travel is something that the whole world is talking about these days and with good reason. We need to look after our planet to ensure there is a planet left for our children! As a family, we are very aware of our carbon footprint and it’s good to know Cabin Max are taking the idea of sustainable travel seriously too. They have created the Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Cabin Backpack made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles!

We are big believers in reusing, recycling and reducing waste, so we were excited to find out if the Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Cabin Backpack was as good as it looked.

Cabin Max Metz Re.Source on a day out on the Croatian coast

First Impression of the Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Backpack

The first thing that stands out about this product is that every Metz Re.Source Cabin Backpack is made out of 36 500ml bottles – but you would never know!

Cabin Max state the Metz Re.Source Cabin Backpack,

is constructed from RPET ā€“ A polyester made from used plastic bottles that may have ordinarily ended up in landfill or the ocean…

making it a responsibly sourced product that doesn’t cost the earth – literally in more ways than one!

Plastic bottles made useful!

I also enjoyed the fact that the bag comes in its own cotton drawstring bag! An addition that makes this bag stand out. It’s a little bit like getting a surprise bag for free when you order the Metz Re.Source Backpack from Cabin Max – and everyone loves a freebie!

Cabin Max Metz Re.Source drawstring bag freebie!
The drawstring freebie in use whilst camping in Croatia

The cotton drawstring bag contains the backpack, so it’s a good size (at least 55cm long and 40cm wide) and it makes the perfect laundry bag! It holds all our dirties and the drawstring top means I don’t have to worry about anything falling out!

Using the Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Backpack

The bag has a 44L capacity so I had no problem packing enough clothes and all the necessaries for a 5 week camping road trip to Croatia.

The bag has three compartments. There is a small zip pocket at the very front, handy for stashing thing on the go. The middle is an organiser compartment that unzips fully for easy access and viewing. It also comes complete with zip-up pockets and a large zip-up mesh pocket to store keys, passports, documents, phones, headphones, pens etc.

Cabin Max Metz Re.Source storage
Very helpful zip-up pockets

The main compartment also unzips fully. There are no pockets in this section so organisation and arrangement of clothes is unrestricted. Then once the bag has been filled with as many clothes as you can carry, you can reduce the volume of the bag using the side compression straps.

Cabin Max Metz Re.Source main compartment
Main compartment

The bag is easy and comfortable to wear thanks to the well padded shoulder straps. Because of this we had no problems taking the bag on coastal walks in Croatia, carrying it around town in Montenegro and loading it up for everything we needed to spend the day splashing around beautiful Bosnian waterfalls.

Cabin Max Metz Re.Source comfortable shoulder straps
Comfortable and padded shoulder straps
We wouldn't be without our Cabin Max bag on days out like this one in Bosnia
Day out at Kravice Waterfalls in Bosnia with our Metz Re.Source backpack

We found it hardy, versatile and a great size for carrying everything a young family of four may need on a day out.

Quality of the Cabin Max Metz Re.Source

The whole bag feels like a quality product inside and out. The lining and seams are well made. The buckles are chunky and easy to use and we were impressed with the quality and care taken in the design of the zips.

Cabin Max Metz Re.Source looks and feels like a quality product
Feels and looks like a quality product

Having never owned a bag made of recycled plastic bottles before, I was pleased to find out that once the bag has reached the end of its life it is 100% recyclable! A fitting end to this responsibly sourced backpack I think.

Possible Problems

The black and blue style of the Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Cabin Backpack may not the prettiest. However, I don’t think this particular bag is about being pretty.

The message from this bag runs a little bit deeper. It’s a bag that can help pull the plastic out of our oceans and I think that a little bit more important.


For Ā£35 there is nothing about this bag not to like. The Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Cabin Backpack is very well made. It is created out of recycled material so great for those conscientious about sustainable travel. You also get a freebie drawstring bag!

Other Options

The bag is also very lightweight weighing 0.660kg. This is great when it comes to using the bag as carry-on luggage when flying. It means you can take more luggage with you than you can in a wheelie bag. Wheelie bags tend to take up some of your allowance, because they are quite weighty to begin with.

The Cabin Max Metz Re.Source Backpack is also suitable to use as carry-on luggage with 94% of airlines. The extra good news is it’s also the perfect size to use on airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet, where carry-on is king!

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    What a great backpack! šŸ™‚ I love that it is from recycled materials. And what a great price too!

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    Iā€™m all about some eco friendly products! This backpack looks awesome!

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      It really is! I’m quickly falling in love with Cabin Max

  3. Karen

    What a fantastic product, and a fantastic company to make it from plastic bottles. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be sure to check it out when I need a new backpack.

  4. Liona

    This is great. I love that it’s made from recycled materials!

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    Always looking for a great travel pack. Love that this is made from recycled materials.

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