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Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser Review

These products were gifted to Well Travelled Munchkins. All opinions and words are our own.

I was utterly fed up of having every toy, drinks bottle, pencil, colouring book and iPad sprawled all over the back seats of the car on long journeys with the kids. The range of stuff they seem to need when spending extended periods of time in the car is never ending! So, I got organised with the Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser and haven’t looked back since!

First Impressions of the Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser

The first thing to note is that the Chill Tot Car Seat Organiser is a good size, measuring 41cms wide and 51cms long. They cover the back of the seats entirely, which is great for two reasons! Firstly, it means there’s lots of space to stash loads of stuff in them and secondly, they protect the backs of my seats from grubby shoes and feet! Perfect!

The pockets on the Car Seat Organisers are also a good size. There are no fiddly little pockets or unnecessary zips included, which I was very pleased to see. Primarily, this is a product that my kids use so it is important to me that it’s easy for them to use. The large pocket at the bottom of the organiser allows my kids to put things away without being too specific. It almost catches it for them!

The other pockets on the Chill Tot’s Car Seat Organiser have elasticated tops to help hold things in place and are deep enough to hold pens and pencils with no fear of them falling out. They are also made of mesh so it is possible to see what’s in there, a feature my little girl loves!

Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser

Using the Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser


There are no complicated fastening or straps on the organiser, so setting it up is quick and easy. One strap goes around the headrest and one around the bottom of the seat. That’s it! Then you can adjust the straps to get the best fit for your particular car seat.

My four year old has no problems using her organiser and loves the fact that all of her stuff is displayed on the back of the chair! Because she can see it all, she will happily play with everything in the organiser before she even asks for any TV shows. Even on long road trips we limit the use of a tablet, so this is a definite plus for me!

We also have one for my little boy who is one year old. It is a little different for him as his seat doesn’t allow him to sit forwards and grab things from the organiser. However, it is extremely helpful for me to be able to put in some things I will need for him while we are on the road like his drinks bottle, a snack bar, a fruit pouch, a couple of toys and a banana. Because he can see it all, he can also tell me what he wants, which is a great motivator to get him to start using some sounds to accompany all the pointing!

Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser


The Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser has a clear touch-screen window, which can hold any device up to 10.1″ in size. I like this feature as it forces my four year old to sit away from the screen. Sometimes when she has it on her lap it has a habit of creeping nearer and nearer to her nose!

There are also slits on both corners of the pocket to plug in headphones. These slits do give you the option to play the device without headphones, however, the quality of the sound probably wouldn’t be as good, mainly due to the sound of the car. However, while the car is stationary it works a treat!

Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser

At first I didn’t think the plastic front was touch-screen at all. However, I quickly discovered that it wasn’t very effective when I was trying to use it from the front seat, whilst bending my arm into uncomfortable positions behind my back and not really being able to see what I was doing.

When used properly the touch-screen viewer window works well. My little girl can play TV shows, choose apps and scroll through pages with minimal problems. Then once screen time is over, we simply pop the cover over the screen and put it back in the pocket, where it remains safe from being dropped on the floor.


One of the main reasons we chose the Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser is because it was a UK based family run business. Their customer service is outstanding and any correspondence I had with them was answered within the hour. I was beyond impressed!

Chill Tots are also very customer focused. If you experience any problems they will always replace or refund their Car Seat Organisers. They are serious about supplying their customers with a quality product!

Possible Problems

The touch-screen window may prove problematic for kids at first until they get used to it. They have to learn to press a little harder and be a little patient, but it’s nothing a little practice cant fix.


The Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser is priced at £12.99 and is available to purchase through

Other Options

For a slightly different option you could choose an organiser that offers a folding table along with storage pockets and tablet holder. However, these organisers are double the price, and in my opinion i’m not sure you’re getting double the product. They have less reviews on Amazon and are not from UK based companies.

Summary of Chill Tots Car Seat Organiser


Covers car seat and acts as a protector

Good size pockets (deep and wide) that are easily accessible to children

Allows children to see what is available to them

No complicated straps

Easy to install

Large touch-screen window with holes for headphones

Family run and UK based business with excellent customer service

Customer focused


Touch-screen may need some practise and may not work the best when playing games.

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    Would love one of these on long car rides. The kids always have stuff flying all over the place!!!

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    We NEED this for our next road trip! This looks like a great accessory to organize the chaos in our car

  3. Liona

    Our car is a disgrace. We need this in our lives!

  4. Karen

    I so need this for my car, the back seat is so bad I’ve pretty much given up! Thanks for the recommendation.

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    Sounds like such a great product! I will look into it once my daughter can forward face!

  6. Jamie

    Where was this when I was traveling with toddlers?! I bet it is a sanity saver on long car trips!

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