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Hydro Flask Review – A Bottle Fit for Family Travel

Hydro Flask
Hydro Flask

As a family who are big on family travel we want to spend our money on products that are reliable, durable and easy to use. This is exactly what we have found with the Hydro Flask!

First Impressions

I bought my 21oz Hydro Flask in Whistler, Canada whilst I was visiting my little sister. The whole holiday I had been eyeing up various different flasks, so I knew I was going to end up taking one home.

I liked the Hydro Flask as soon as I saw it.

I liked the fact that the flasks were arranged row upon row on the shop’s shelves in a wonderful array of different colours creating a rainbow of choice.

What a clever way to draw me in and get me picking my favourite, I thought. And who said shopping in store has had its day?

I also liked that it came in a few different sizes. I didn’t want a huge bottle, I wanted something that would slip into a hang bag or baby bag so I could easily take it out with me.

Using the Hydro Flask

Since purchasing my 21oz Hydro Flask I have been mainly using it on days out and family holidays purely because of its size, which is great because we travel A LOT!

It’s perfect to put in the picnic bag or baby bag and holds just enough for a couple of cups of pick-me-up-coffee-as-I’ve-got-two-kids for my husband and myself. Even when it’s empty it doesn’t feel heavy or cumbersome or in the way.

If I put boiling water in my flask at 9am it’s usually still hot to warm around 4 hours later, which I don’t think is too bad. Even 6 hours later the drink is never cold.

It’s easy to clean and I have never experienced any lingering smells that you can sometimes get inside these types of bottles, meaning I can put any hot or cold drink into the flask without my water smelling like days old coffee!

Other Options

If you are looking for something that holds heat for a lot longer I would suggest a Thermos Flask, which has glass vacuum insulation.

This would be a better option as in our experience these flasks keep liquids hot for about 24 hours! But the glass insulation means that they are not as hardy and you don’t get as many size options.


Hydro Flasks are made of stainless steel and state their flasks are BPA free and double vacuum insulated.

The temperature of the liquid inside can not be felt on the outside, which is great if the kids take it out of my bag to move it out of the way on the hunt for their 10am snack.

The colour on the steel can get marked. If it gets banged about a bit you will end up with some dents and dings, but I say it’s all in the name of adventure!

When you have kids and take everyone exploring I don’t expect things to stay perfect. Saying that my flask hasn’t faired too badly so far and I have had it for 11 months!

Possible Bugbares

If you buy this product online you might find it slightly weird that you have to pay for the lid separately, as there are various options to choose from.

Some might find this an unnecessary hassle and others may find it exciting and like the idea of choice! 

Who is the Hydro Flask Targeted at?

Hydro Flask is all about choice!

From choosing the type of lid, to the bright and vivacious colours and the size and styles of bottles on offer suggests to me that this is a millennial product. A product for the younger professional or budding explorer.

However, as you have probably guessed i’m a couple years north of millennial status – only by a couple mind you – and I am firmly in mum status, but I still really like it! I like its sleek and stylish look and the fact that it is really practical!


It is a little more expensive than other brands on the market. However, you could argue that investing in a well made and quality product that will last you a good while makes the Hydro Flask a cost effective choice in the long run.

Hydro Flask Overview


Good size with lots of size options

Stylish – it looks good and is easy to slip into your bag be it work bag, picnic bag, baby bag or rucksack.

Good quality – BPA free, easy to clean stainless steel and temperatures do not transfer to the outside

Light weight

Keeps drink decently hot for around 4 hours

Choice of lid, size and colour 


Little pricier than competitors

Metal can dent with knocks and bumps

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