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Best Places to Visit in Cyprus with Kids

Cyprus is a great family holiday destination. Small enough to get around comfortably (they drive on the left so a really easy holiday to rent a car), great weather and full of ancient myths and legends! Cyprus had been on our bucket list for a while and I can confirm it did not disappoint! Here’s our family guide to the best places to visit in Cyprus with kids.

Paphos – places to visit in Cyprus with kids

Paphos is a cultural must when visiting Cyprus!

There are so many must see attractions such as the Archeological Park, Tomb of the Kings, Paphos Harbour and Paphos Old Town and that’s before you’ve taken into consideration the entertainment options and lovely beaches! Plus, Paphos is classed as an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Archeological Park in Paphos, places to visit in Cyprus with kids
Archeological Park, Paphos
Paphos Harbour and Castle, places to visit in Cyprus with kids
Paphos Harbour and Castle

If you go to Paphos for the accommodation and restaurants, stay for the history and beauty. It really is one not to be underestimated.

Adonis Baths and Waterfall

The Adonis Baths and Waterfall just north of Pathos was something we thought we would ‘pop along to’ one morning for an hour or so. When we got there we soon realised we should have packed a picnic and spent all day here as the place is beautiful!

Adonis Waterfall and baths - places to visit in Cyprus with kids
Upper waterfall

While there learn about the bath’s history as well as the myths around Adonis and Aphrodite. Spend your time looking at the turquoise water and taking loads of gorgeous pictures from the tree arm that stretches out over the lagoon.

The Adonis Baths and Waterfalls is certainly one of the top destinations to visit in Cyprus with kids, although the place does get very busy and you’ll probably find lots of ‘Instagrammers’ there, so be prepared for lots of posing.

However, there are also people there that just want to jump into the water and swing from the swing rope too! If you plan to make it a whole day activity there are lots of tables to use so a picnic would be a great option. Although you can buy food there too. There is also lots of space to sit away from the waterfalls.

Adonis Waterfall and baths in Cyprus
Lower waterfall

Latsi Beach

Latsi Beach is on the north west of the Island and makes for a good day trip. It is a small harbour town full of shops and some really impressive restaurants that over look the water.

The harbour is full of companies offering boat tours, excursions and days out which is what makes this small harbour town bustle.

Latsi Harbour - places to visit in Cyprus with kids
Latsi Harbour

If a boat trip doesn’t take your fancy you can simply sit on the sidewalk and sip on a morning coffee, or something a little stronger, and watch the world go on its way while you slowly soak up all that gorgeous Cypriot sunshine.

The beaches in Latsi are not sandy, so rock shoes are needed just to make it easier to get in and out of the water. However, the water is some of the most pristine I have ever seen! Latsi is simply a lovely place to spend some time.

Aiya Napa – places to visit in Cyprus with kids

You might argue Aiya Napa has a reputation which brings with it certain set of expectations. However, like Paphos, this isn’t all it has to offer.

Aiya Napa is much much bigger than Paphos and ‘the strip’ is big and full! Full of shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs, nightclubs, hotels – you name it, it’s got it!

But I have to admit, and this is a very subjective reaction to Aiya Napa, I didn’t feel out of place as a family of five. And although it was an assault on the senses like no other place in Cyrpus, we found it all a bit exciting!

Aiya Napa also has some of the best beaches in Cyprus! We only had time to visit a couple whilst we were there and we were totally spoilt for choice!

Blue Lagoon Aiya Napa
Blue Lagoon Aiya Napa

We ended up going to the Blue Lagoon, which wasn’t that good for a family with very little children, but a great place for snorkelling and swimming.

We then headed to Konnos Beach, which was beautiful! Shallow waters, warm, pine tree lined and totally gorgeous – but very busy. Probably because it is ranked #1 by Trip Advisor.

Konos Beach Aiya Napa - places to visit in Cyprus with kids
Konos Beach Aiya Napa

Here is a list of other beaches to visit in Aiya Napa:

  1. Makronissos Beach
  2. Nissi Beach
  3. Landa Beach


We were really excited about about visiting Nicosia or as it is locally known Lefkosia.

Nicosia is the only capital in the world that is split between two countries. The northern part being Turkish and the southern region ruled by Cyprus.

Nicosia Cyrpus
Nicosia Cyrpus

Nicosia is a beautiful walled city with interesting places and landmarks to see. However, the Green Line or the demilitarised zone (complete with guarded checkpoints) that runs through the very centre of the city is a stark reminder that Nicosia has seen its fair share of upheaval.

And because of all this, Nicosia definitely has a different feel to it. It isn’t touristy or, if i’m honest, particularly welcoming.

Should you visit with small children?

On the outskirts of the city the roads are busy and it is clear this is a place of work and business.

As we entered the walled part of the city it was much quieter. In fact we found the east side of the city a little too quiet. Around Famagusta Gate there were a few other tourists, but they were younger and in couples. There were no families.

The west side of the city was a little more bustling with lots of high street shops and restaurant chains.

Shopping high street in Nicosia
Shopping high street in Nicosia

The Green Line I found fascinating. As I walked next to it with my very young family around me I found myself feeling equal parts uneasy and mesmerised.

I felt incredibly saddened by the buffer zone put in place by the United Nations. Within the Green Line you can see what were once homes and lives of a different time in history, scarred by fighting and drastic change. Now those homes are just ruins with the occasional TV antenna or kitchen table jutting out of a crumbling wall.

Near the Green Line in Nicosia Cyprus
You are not allowed to take photos of the Green Line but the buffer zone starts about 10 meters to the right of this building.

Our visit to Nicosia was very interesting. But is it somewhere I would choose to go back to with kids? I would seriously think about it first. Some bits were really good, and as an adult, i’m really pleased I got to see it. However, i’m not sure what the kids got out of it.

I don’t know if we picked an odd day to visit or if things were made harder because of Brexit, (we also saw a man get hit by a car on his bike!) but I would certainly wait until your kids are older to take them here.

Limassol – places to visit in Cyprus with kids

Limassol and the surrounding areas are well worth a little visit when in Cyprus with kids.

The beaches in the city are nice, but by no means the best on offer on the island, and old town is picturesque.

Limasol seafront - places to visit in Cyprus with kids
Limasol sea front

One of the areas we really enjoyed was Episkopi, which is actually British territory.

Views from the cliff top drives through Episkopi
Views from the cliff top drives through Episkopi

The views from the mountains and the cliff top drives were incredible. There were also numerous ancient sites to explore and we had the most amazing dinner at Melanda Beach Restaurant. This bay is just beautiful!

Places to visit in Cyprus with kids
Melanda Bay

The Mountains

The mountians in the heart of the island have a totally different feel to the coastal areas. They are quiet, relaxed, peaceful and lacking in tourists.

Views from the mountains in Cyprus
Views from the mountains in Cyprus

If you want to experience what Cyrus feels like away from the coast drive through the rural villages to Mount Olympos and take in the most amazing views!

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Here’s a better look at Paphos if you are planning to stay in the area