10 Things to do in Paphos with Kids

10 Things to do in Paphos with Kids

Beautiful Paphos. The birth place of Aphrodite, home to exquisite Roman mosaics, UNESCO World Heritage sites and a region of Cyprus with bags and bags of history. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Paphos with kids.

Paphos Archaeological Park – best things to do in Paphos with kids!

Paphos Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and listed as the top attraction in Paphos. It’s easy to see why – this place very impressive and easily one of the best things to do in Paphos with kids.

You can spend a good morning or afternoon walking around the ruins of the ancient palaces that once stood on this site and looking at the wonderful views. However, the most captivating thing to see are the mosaics.

The mosaics are extremely detailed and well preserved

The sheer number of beautifully preserved mosaics at Paphos Archaeological Park is amazing!

Most date back to the late 2nd / early 3rd century and depict stories of Greek mythology and everyday life. They really are something to see!

The entrance is located in Paphos Harbour and there is free parking right outside.

Tombs of the Kings

Tomb of the Kings is another UNESCO site and undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Paphos with kids!

The tombs all date back to the fourth century BC. Even though it is called the Tombs of the Kings there were never any kings put to rest here. Instead it is believed that these tombs were full of local dignitaries and high ranking officials in the area at the time.

There are around six big tombs to discover and each is better than the last. Entrance to this site is very inexpensive and you can find yourself wandering around for hours!

Paphos Harbour

Paphos Harbour is a really enjoyable walk with lot of bars, restaurants, ice cream and souvenir shops. Treat yourself to a nice dinner at sunset right on the waters edge or take a stroll around the shops, there is definitely lots to see and enjoy.

Paphos Costal Path

Paphos coastal walk goes from the lighthouse to Paphos Castle and follows the coastline all the way around.

This was one of our favourite things to do and is the BEST place to see the most beautiful sunsets.

Paphos Castle

Paphos Castle was originally built in 1222. It was repaired to its current state in 1570 by the Turkish and then given over to the British in 1878.

Today it is a tourist attraction and you can explore the fort for a very modest admission fee.

Paphos Old Town

Legend has it that Aphrodite was born in Paphos Old Town or a beach near here. It all depends which account you read.

The Old Town is charming, beautiful and impressive. The area around Paphos Town Hall is gorgeous and features grand neoclassical style buildings in a huge pedestrianise boulevard – great for kids to scoot around.

Archbishop Makarios Avenue is the main shopping area, and is usually bustling with people shopping, eating, sight seeing or visiting the market. This part of town is very pretty and even has a little sprinkling of Greek charm.

Agia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa

Agia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa is a charming little church near Paphos Harbour.

The church was built in the 13th century and is best known for its mosaic floor. The site is also free to enter.

Legend has it Saint Paul was punished here for trying to convert people to Christianity. He was sentenced to thirty nine lashes from a whip with 13 heads. That pillar is now said to be lying next to the church.

Beaches – best things to do in Paphos with kids

There are lots of wonderful beaches in and around Paphos and here are some of the best ones:

  1. Rikkos Beach
  2. Lighthouse Beach
  3. Kefalos Beach
  4. Venus Beach
  5. Potima Beach
  6. Coral Bay
  7. Laourou Beach

Eat Out

There are loads of places to eat out in Paphos. Whether you choose to go along the strip or head up the hill to Old Town, there is so much to choose from.

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark

The ultimate day out for your kids will probably be Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark. Most of the deals can be found on line so booking before you go is well worth it.

*Disclaimer, we didn’t actually go because my daughter developed an ear infection, however we really really wanted to!

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