Booking Disneyland Paris with Magic Breaks

Booking Disneyland Paris with Magic Breaks

We at Well Travelled Munchkins have booked holidays to Disneyland Paris using a couple of methods, but here’s why we liked Magic Breaks the most!

Magic Breaks

Peace of Mind

Holidays are ATOL (Air Travel Organisers License) protected and you receive a certificate of this protection with your paperwork.

ATOL protected

Meaning if something goes wrong with the company you booked your holiday through you wont loose your money or get stranded. This sort of reassurance is a must when travelling with children!

Magic Breaks also have great recent reviews from places like Feefo. That’s important as they collect real reviews from real customers!


It’s incredibly easy to book your holiday online or over the phone.

You can speak to a member of the team online through the chat option or email or simply pick up the phone 7 days a week.

On the other end of the line you’ll find a friendly and accommodating voice to help you book your Disneyland Paris trip and get you the best deal on offer.

Magic Breaks Know Disney

They have access to some great deals and know Disneyland Paris!

Disney map

Magic Breaks can offer some great add-ons to your holiday such as a Character Breakfast or Princess Breakfast. Plus i’m confident i’m getting a great deal!

Get a phone call from Mickey Mouse

Watching my daughter take a call from Mickey Mouse might have been one of the cutest things I have seen!

Call from Mickey

Book through Magic Breaks and you can schedule a time for Mickey Mouse to call too! A great way to get you all excited for your Disney trip.

When booking be sure to mention Well Travelled Munchkins!

Well Travelled Munchkins

Thinking of booking a surprise trip for someone special? Find out how to do it here!

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  1. Ast summer we visited Walt Disneyland and it was amazing! We planned the trip on our own. Magic break sounds interesting. In future I will definitely look into this and also recommend to friends.

  2. What a great idea. Sounds like a no brainer to me 🙂

  3. What a nice service & good idea. Love the branding too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Never been to Disneyland Paris. Booking with Magic Breaks sounds like a good idea. Let’s see when we travel to Europe.

  5. Oh wow! A phone call from Micky would seal the deal for me! How cool!

  6. I love that Mickey will give your kid a call! Too great! Sounds like a great company.

  7. I used a Disney affiliated travel agent on our last vacation to Disney World and can’t imaging doing without one’s assistance from now on.

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