Spend less money on holiday

8 Ways to Spend Less Money on Holiday

Travelling abroad with kids doesn’t have to cost loads of money. There are some sneaky hacks and compromises you can make that allows you to keep some pound in your pocket and still have the best time! Here are 8 ways to spend less money on holiday with kids.

Free Things First to Spend Less Money on Holiday

When planning your holiday activities do the free things first!

Kings Beach Lake Tahoe - how to spend less money on holiday
King Beach Lake Tahoe

You’ll be surprised by how much you can do on holiday with kids that doesn’t cost any money at all.

Start with some sightseeing, visit some parks, go to the beach, walk around town, a free museum, a local market or a longer hike to a different area.

You might find there is so much to do you wont have time for anything else!

Pack a Picnic

Picnic time in Cuitadella Menorca. How to spend less money on holiday.
Picnic time in Cuitadella Menorca

Always pack a picnic. Buying food on holiday can get pricey, especially if you have a big family. A picnic is great way to save some money. It is also a great way to experience the place you are visiting.

You have more freedom to stop at an amazing view, a cute town square or the most brilliant beach. Plus, you’ll always have the best seat in the house!

And don’t feel your kids are missing out by doing this. 9 /10 kids enjoy the casual freedom of eating outdoors than having to sit more formally at a table and to be honest, it is much less stressful for us parents too!

Go Somewhere Outdoorsy

El Retiro in Madrid, Spain. How to spend less money on holiday.
El Retiro in Madrid, Spain

It is much easier to do lots of free things if you choose a destination that is quite outdoorsy and with good weather.

For example a week in Latvia in February will be cold. You will find yourself wanting to do things indoors which will probably force you to spend money.

However a week in Madrid in May will be much warmer. There will be more scope to be outside and lots of opportunity to go on lovely walks and do lots of sightseeing.

Pick and Choose so you Spend Less Money on Holiday

Ask your self – do you have to do everything?

Feel free to pick and choose what you do on your holiday. There may be a list of ‘must haves’ or ‘must dos’ but they may not be right for you and your family.

Before you spend your money on some excursion or meal ask yourself: is what I am planning to spend my money on worth it? Will everyone get something out of it? What is the point of doing this?

Swap Restaurant for Bakery

A bakery buy at its best! How to save money on holiday with kids.
A bakery buy at its best!

If sampling the local food is important to you but a restaurant is too pricey, swap the restaurant for a bakery!

There’s always loads of scrummy treats and snacks to pick from and a bakery can still give you that sense of sampling the local cuisine but at a fraction of the cost!

Bulk Buy

A great example of this is ice-cream. In some countries buying four ice-creams from an ice-cream shop can cost in the region of £16 which, in my book, is quite a lot of money for ice-cream!

However, if you buy a box of four ice-creams from the local shop or supermarket, it will set you back around £2-4 in total.

The perfect example of how to save money on holiday with kids!

Offers can help you spend less money on holiday

Before you go on your travels it might be worth doing a little bit of research. See if there are any discounts to any attractions or days out you might like to go on.

For example, sometimes places like the local aquarium, which are always popular with children, might include money off if you buy online or a free child’s place with every adult ticket bought.

Kids Go Free Places

Kids go free to Alcatraz in San Fransisco. How to save money on holiday with kids
Kids go free to Alcatraz in San Fransisco

Child free places can be a great way to spend less money on holiday. Again you may have to do a little bit of research, or ask reception if you are staying in a resort, but there is nearly always some kind of deal on something. You just have to find it!

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