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Go Ape Leeds Castle Kent Review

Our trip to Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent with kids was gifted to Well Travelled Munchkins. All words, photos and opinions are our own.

If you told your kids you were going to take them high up into the tree tops and let them play around like little monkeys for the afternoon, what do you think they would say? Well, that’s exactly what we told our little munchkins when we went to Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent. They could not have been more excited! I earned some proper ‘cool parent’ points with this trip!

This particular Go Ape site is connected to one of the loveliest castles in Kent – Leeds Castle. These are their words, not mine. However, I totally agree! Leeds Castle is a beautiful setting to enjoy some Go Ape adventures!

Getting excited for Go Ape with kids at Leeds Castle in Kent
Getting excited for Go Ape with kids at Leeds Castle in Kent

Go Ape Leeds Castle – who’s allowed to take part?

Anyone over 1 metre in height can take part in the Treetop Adventure course and there is no minimum age.

One parent or supervising adult can take two children under 6 up into the trees. Other members of the family, who are not participating, can watch from the ground.

However, if you are taking two children under 6 up, I would suggest each child is supervised by one adult each.

I would have found taking my three year old and six year old up on my own very difficult. Even though our six year old was more than capable, she found some of course a little tricky, and a little scary, so needed a lot of coaxing along. Although I should say our three year old wasn’t phased in the slightest and enjoyed it all!

Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent with kids

Arriving at Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent

Before you arrive for your Treetop Adventure, you will need to complete a disclaimer form for each person participating. Go Ape will send you a link to this in your confirmation email. It takes about five minutes to complete and you will need the date and time of your booking.

When you arrive the process of signing in is quick and easy. There is the option of buying some gloves to stop the ropes rubbing little hands. However, it’s not compulsory and you can bring your own from home too.

Gloves on and ready! Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent
Ready to go!

There are toilets available over by the entrance of the castle when you arrive. When you are ready, and have read the safety guidelines, you follow the signs for ‘Treetop Adventure’ and make your way down into the trees. This is the bit were everyone gets a little bit excited!

Getting harnessed up

Getting harness up - Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent
Getting harnessed up was a lot of fun too!

When you arrive there are lots of friendly staff waiting to get you harnessed up. It’s all pretty simple and straightforward and none of the equipment is too heavy or bulky for little ones to carry.

You are then taken to a small area where you are briefed on the equipment and shown how to use it. One of the instructors will give a little demonstration. From this point you are good to go!

All kitted out and ready for the trees
All kitted out and ready to hit the trees!

What to wear to Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent

You must make sure you wear closed toe shoes. I would also suggest shoes with a good sole! Dress for the weather as much as possible and just be aware that once you have your harness on, there’s no way you can take layers off.

If you are planning on taking pictures up in the trees, ensure you have a good pocket with a zip that you will be able to access. You will not be able to hold your phone as you go around the course.

Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent
Up in the trees!

What’s the Go Ape course at Leeds Castle like?

Go Ape with kids at Leeds Castle in Kent
Cargo net time!

The course in general is great fun! There are lots of different obstacles to navigate across such as cargo nets, swinging bridges and wooden logs.

The course it quite full on, so once you start there really isn’t time to stop. Unless you are waiting for the person in front of you to move off a platform.

There are lots of instructors on the ground and in the trees, so someone is always watching. If people do get a bit stuck or need some assistance, instructors come and help out. This means, that in general, the course keeps moving.

On the Treetop Adventure course there are two circuits to complete and each one ends with a zip-line. As you might guess, this was everyones favourite part!

Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent
Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent with kids
This little face coming off the zip-line says it all!

When going up with small children I would suggest going first and having the child behind you. This means that if they get stuck you can literally pull them across. If they are in front of you it’s much harder to help them in this way.

Once you complete the course make sure you ask for your completion certificate and stickers!

Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent
Such a sense of accomplishment at the end

Would we go again?


My little girl struggled with the height a little bit and we did have some teary moments. However, by the end, she was doing fantastically!

Not only was it a fun experience, but it also gave her a great sense of accomplishment! I think she really enjoyed the feeling of knowing that had done it by the end!

Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent with kids in the rain!
Drenched but very happy!

My little boy thought it was the best thing ever! He wasn’t phased by any of it and can’t wait to go again!

I also think this would be a lovely way to spend some quality time with your partner. A chance to do something different together other than sit and have a meal.

Go Ape with kids at Leeds Castle is a great way to make memories as a family. It is an adventure your kids will thoroughly enjoy and an experience they will remember for a long long time after!

Go Ape Leeds Castle in Kent

Is it expensive?

The cost to participate is the same for all ages and abilities. All details can be found here along with the ability to book online.

Go Ape offer birthday parties and gift vouchers starting from £10. Just in case you wanted to gift the exhilarating feeling of swinging through the trees to someone that you love.

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