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Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk

Our trip to Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk was gifted to Well Travelled Munchkins. All words, photos and opinions are our own. 

We already knew this was going to be a good day out for our dinosaur obsessed two year old. However, we didn’t know if Roarr Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk was going to be a good day out for the whole family.

However, we soon realised we had nothing to worry about. We visited in the middle of February in the rain and wind and there was more than enough to keep us all entertained and wanting to see more!

Our day at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk was nothing short of superb! Both the kids and us parents thought it was definitely a day well spent.

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk

First Impressions

As you make your way down the drive to the car park we were already on the hunt for dinosaurs! They were lurking behind the trees and hidden in the bushes, which was a great way to get everyone excited before we had even got through the gates!

We arrived just before the park had opened and as we were waiting in line huge bubbles filled with smoke came pouring out through the entrance gates. I’m not sure who was more excited, the kids or my husband!

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk

5 of the Best Attractions at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk

There are no ‘rides’ as such at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk, but there is plenty to do and see to fill an entire day.

Predator! High Ropes

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk - Predator! High Ropes

One of the best attractions and probably one of the busiest is the Predator! High Ropes. Children must be over 1 meter high to go on the course and accompanied by an adult or can go on their own if they are over 1.2 meters.

There is no time limit on the course so you can spend as long as you like getting from one side to another. There are also a few routes to take so you can be as daring or as cautious as you like too!

Predator! High Ropes

Everyone ends the attraction on the zip wire and a picture to prove you completed the course!

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk

When the park is busy, there can be a wait for the Predator! High Ropes so my advice would be to do this first.

Dinosaur Trail

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk - Dinosaur Trail

The Dinosaur Trail is a walk through the wooded area of the park where you come face to face with various dinosaurs along the way. The kids LOVED spotting the dinosaurs lurking in the trees and listening to them roaring in the distance!

Dinosaur Trail

The most impressive dinosaur had to be the ginormous brachiosaurus. Our two year old i thought it was the biggest thing he had ever seen! I was quite impressed too.

Secret Animal Garden

Through the victorian walled garden you will find the park’s Secret Animal Garden. There are no dinosaurs to discover here, but you will find wallabies, chickens, goats, turkeys, pigs and a whole host of other animals.

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk - Secret Animal Garden

Dinomite Indoor Play Area

All children love a good soft play area and this one has it all. The bigger kids can enjoy some seriously super high slides and the littler ones have a section all to themselves in the under 5s area.

There is a cafe included and there is lots of seating. However, when it’s busy it’s really busy, especially when the weather outside is not so good.

All children also need to have socks and their arms and legs covered to stop friction burns on the big slides. Without this they will not be able to go on.

Deer Safari

The Deer Safari at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk takes you out to spot the heard of deer roaming the park. Learn all about the wildlife whilst using your eagle eyes to be the first to spot where they are hiding!

Deer Safari is a seasonal attraction and there is an additional charge of £2 per person.

Raptor Racers

This is great fun for kids and adults alike as you zoom around an outdoor race course in single and double pedal racers.

We thought this was great as we had two little ones who certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed this activity as much if they had to do it on their own. I have to admit daddy quite enjoyed himself too!

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk - Raptor Racers

There are loads more things to see and do at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk. Visit the website to get the full itinerary of what’s on and when.

Eating at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk

Fish and Chips

At the entrance to the Secret Animal Garden there is a rather nice fish and chip shop called Nautilus. There is the option to eat in the restaurant or order from the outside kiosk. We ordered some chips to go with our picnic and ate outside on the picnic tables, which we thought was great!


There are lots of places for families to enjoy their picnics around the park. These include inside areas such as Dippy-ville, which comes complete with a small soft play area and outside areas all around the park. I thought this was a refreshing change as in some places picnics are wholeheartedly discouraged and we are big fans of an old fashioned home bought picnic!

Other Eating Options

There is also the Dinomite Café where you can buy snacks and hot drinks, The Explorers Restaurant, Dippy’s Snack Shack and Ice Age Treats where you can buy ice-creams, snacks and drinks to take away.

Stamp Collecting and Medal

Medals at the end of the day

As you enter the park all kids are given a card to collect stamps from the various attractions. Once the sheet has been completed you can trade it in at Base camp for a Roarr Dinosuar Adventure medal!

Very simple idea, but the kids loved it and still love their medals!


There is the choice to purchase various photos taken of you in and around the park. These are taken when you first enter the park and also on the Predator! High Ropes. You can choose to have them on fridge magnets or key rings and packages are available.

There are also lots of goodies to peruse in Base Camp, which you pass through to exit the park.

Lost World A-Mazing Adventure

Overall, we thought Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk was a fantastic day out! Our kids were aged 4 and 2 and it was just perfect for them. I also have to admit I throughly enjoyed myself too! Despite the fact though I was six months pregnant and went on none of the fun stuff. We would highly recommend!

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