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Golitha Falls – Liskeard Cornwall

Golitha Falls is an unassuming turn off on a small road not far away from King Doniert’s Stone on the southern end of Bodmin Moor. There are places to eat, public toilets and most importantly lots of cascading water! Golitha Falls is a great place for the whole family to discover and explore!

Address – Golitha Falls

Golitha Falls is situated along the bottom of Bodmin Moor with St Neots to the West and Minions to the East.

The Addres is: 15 Well Ln, Liskeard PL14 5ED

Golitha Falls

Parking and Amenities at Golitha Falls

Parking is free at the falls and the car park is a good size. However, it does get busy at peak times. Our advice is to arrive early so you don’t need to wait for a parking space.

What makes Golitha Falls so enticing and welcoming when you first arrive is Inkie’s Smokehouse and Barn. Inkie’s is a collection of timber framed and wood cabins that look like they have been plucked straight from the Wild West!

Start your explorations with a cup of something yummy or save it for your return!

Golitha Falls

The Path to Golitha Falls

Golitha Falls

The trail follows the River Fowey along to some fast paced cascading falls.

The trail is extremely pretty and you can see remnants of the areas mining history as you walk along.

The clean air and waters of this gorge has encouraged the growth of some very rare mosses. The river is also home to otters, sea trout and salmon.

Golitha Falls


The path to the beginning of the falls is very accessible and you can take a buggy most of the way without any problems.

Golitha Falls

However, if you are looking to do more of a walk along the gorge I would suggest putting baby in a carrier as the path is rock and not buggy friendly at all.

The area can also be muddy so sensible footwear would be beneficial.

Golitha Falls

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