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Things to Know About Malta Before you Travel

The island of Malta is an amazing place that should be on everyone’s holiday radar! Here are 10 things to know about Malta before you travel on your family holiday.

Get to Know the Weather in Malta

Malta, on average, experiences its lowest temperatures in December and January of around 13°C and its best temperatures of anything from 27°C to 30°C in July and August.

Malta rarely experiences temperatures higher than 30°C, which makes it a great summer destination for those who want to avoid temperature extremes.

Weather in Malta - things to know about Malta

Transport in Malta

It’s handy to know before you travel to Malta that bus travel is cheap.

A bus ticket costs €1.50 per adult and lasts for 2 hours of travel. You will regularly see the locals giving away their tickets as they get off the bus as they know they won’t be using the ticket again in the allotted time.

As Malta is such a small island you can get around quite easily on the buses. Nowhere is really too far.

In the busier months the buses fill up quickly and are usually full at their first stop.

A couple of ways to get around this is to get on the bus at the bus terminal, if you can, making sure you are the first ones on. This is particularly helpful if travelling with a pushchair. Another way to avoid overrun buses is to travel either before 10am or after 11.30am as at this time everyone is leaving the big hotels after breakfast.

Also, once the bus arrives it’s none for all and all for one, so don’t expect any orderly cues or that typically British first come first served etiquette.

Buses in Malta -  things to know about Malta
Transport in Malta

Driving in Malta – things to know about Malta

It’s important to know that driving is a little erratic in Malta. Getting in a car is a bit like getting on a white knuckle roller coaster ride. You sort of just hang on and try to enjoy the ride. If you are looking to hire a car in Malta bare this in mind.

Wear Sunscreen

The sun is strong in Malta so make sure you are always wearing sun cream. While we were there in April we spotted lots of red faces, necks and arms belonging to people who had clearly underestimated the sun.

wear sunscreen  -  things to know about Malta
Wear sun cream

Everyone Speaks English – things to know about Malta

The English controlled Malta for over 150 years, so it is unsurprising that business, laws and education all have British overtones. As a result you’ll be pleased to know everyone speaks English.


The currency in Malta is the Euro and there are lots of places that offer currency exchange.

Malta is also fairly priced. You can enjoy a meal or a coffee and a cake and be pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive it was.

Malta uses the Euro - things to know about Malta

Maltese Mosquitoes

Watch out for the mosquitoes in the hotter months.

It’s prudent to know that mosquitoes in Malta do not carry any diseases, but like any mosquito bite, they are horribly itchy and nasty things to deal with.

Our little girl got bitten on our first night and reacted quite badly. Prevention is definitely better than cure. Be prepared.

Beaches – things to know about Malta

If you are put off of holidaying in Malta because there are no sandy beaches, think again!

If access to a sandy beach is important to your holiday, make sure you stay in the north of the island. Bugibba is a great base for these types of family holidays.

Malta’s History

Malta has so much history and so many stories to tell.

It is home to some of the earliest history of man and also holds the title of the most bombed place on the earth in 1942.

On a two week trip you will not be short of things to explore and do.

The Maltese Luzzu

The Luzzu, a traditional maltese fishing boat.
Traditional Maltese Luzzu

Seeing as Malta is an island you will see a lot of sea and a lot of boats so it’s worth knowing about Malta’s most famous sea vessel.

Luzzu’s are traditional Maltese fishing boats that are brightly painted and adorned with two very decorative eyes on the front of the bow.

These eyes are believed to protect the fishermen from any harm while they are out at sea. They are also very photographic! The best place to see these is the fishing village of Marsaxlokk in the south of the island.

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