Top 12 Things to do in Mdina with Kids

Top 12 Things to do in Mdina with Kids

When in Malta you really must visit the islands ancient capital city of Mdina. Here are a list of the top 12 things to do in Mdina with kids!

Mdina Gate

Mdina Gate is the main entrance into Malta’s ‘Silent City’. It’s certainly an impressive entrance to a gorgeous city and a great first impression.

Mdina Gate
Mdina Gate

You can also spot the gate in season 1 of Game of Thrones!

Mdina Gate in season 1 Game of Thrones
Mdina Gate in season 1 Game of Thrones

Mdina Dungeons

The dungeons are located just inside the main gate and my eldest loved the idea of going into some creepy dungeons!

However, we decided not to go in. Some of the installations looked a little gruesome and our little girl is only four – no need to give her needless nightmares!

Instead we chose to explore the catacombs at Rabat, which were a 10 minute walk out of the city gates.

The Mdina Dungeons takes you through Malta’s dark past by exploring cells, pathways and subterranean passages with some pretty gory exhibits.

An adult ticket around the attraction is about 5 Euros, so it is one of the cheaper ways to learn about Malta’s history.

Vilhena Palace and Natural History Museum

The Vilhena Palace is named after the man who restructured the building in the 18th century and now it houses the National Museum of Natural History.

Vilhena Palace and Natural History Museum
Vilhena Palace and Natural History Museum

The first part of the museum is free to walk around. Here you can learn about the history of the Mdina Gate and other parts of the city before you have to pay for a ticket.

There is also a large section dedicated to Game of Thrones and shows some of the scenes from the first season that were filmed in the city. For Game of Thrones fans, this might be a great first stop before you go out and explore the rest of the city.

It also has free maps available on the counters around the windows, which you may find helpful when exploring Mdina with kids!

St. Paul’s Cathedral and Museum in Mdina with Kids

To enter St. Pauls Cathedral you must first purchase a ticket from the Cathedral Museum, which is located next to the cathedral itself. The ticket is 5 Euros and gives you access to the museum and then the cathedral.

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral


Before you dismiss the idea of a museum about a church with kids, it’s actually quite good. It’s not a huge museum, but big enough to give your little ones a good experience of this type of setting.

You can also meet Petronila – the oldest bell in Malta! She is 800 years old and was only decommissioned from the cathedral belfry 8 years ago due to changes in the climate that led to erosion of the bronze.


The cathedral is like nothing I have seen before. The alter, the statues and murals on the ceiling are all amazing. However, the most impressive part of St. Paul’s is the floor.

St. Paul's marble floors
St. Paul’s marble floors

It is covered with ornate and vibrant marble commemorations of canons and bishops of the cathedrals past.

St Paul's

The colours, patterns and designs really are a sight to see and I haven’t seen as much marble and as much detail on a church floor anywhere else in the world.

St. Paul's cathedral in Mdina

Palazzo Falson

Palazzo Falson is an incredibly lovely square right next to the city wall that offers great views over the countryside.

Palazzo Falson
Palazzo Falson
Palazzo Falson
View over the wall at Palazzo Falson
View over the wall at Palazzo Falson

Il-Foss Tal Mdina with Kids

Il-Foss Tal translates into Of The Ditch, which is pretty much what it is.

Il-Foss Tal Mdina
Il-Foss Tal Mdina

Il-Foss Tal are the landscaped gardens that surround the walled city. A visit here makes a great respite from the bustling streets for your little ones.

Here they can explore and roam a little bit more freely and it’s another great place for a fabulous family picnic.

Il-Foss Tal Mdina

Greek Gate

The Greek Gate is another way into the walled city of Mdina. It’s not as ornate as the Mdina Gate, but it does lead down to the entrance to Il-Foss Tal Mdina.

Greek Gate from Il-Foss Tal Mdina
Greek Gate from Il-Foss Tal Mdina

Howard Garden

Howard Gardens are the green spaces before you cross the bridge over to the walled city of Mdina.

Here you will find some public toilets and outside cafes where you can spend some time relaxing away from the crowds, grab a bite to eat and a coffee or have a picnic on the grass.

Domus Romana

Domus Romana is built around the remains of a rich roman town house. The house itself was found by accident in 1881 and the main thing to see are the houses intricate floor mosaics.

Valletta Glass

There are some beautiful shops selling some stunning Valletta Glass. Even if you’re not in the market to buy any, it’s great to have a little look whilst you’re in Mdina with your kids.

Valletta Glass
Valletta Glass

Horse Drawn Carriage Ride in Mdina with Kids

If you want to do something a little special you can take a horse drawn carriage ride around the city. The drivers will give you a little guided tour and it’s a unique way to see the sights, although a bit pricey.

Horse drawn carriage ride
Horse drawn carriage ride

Wander the Streets of Mdina with Kids

Wander the streets of Mdina with your kids, simply because they are so beautiful.

Streets of Mdina
Streets of Mdina
Streets of Mdina
Streets of Mdina

Mdina is as impressive as it is beautiful. It really is a must see when visiting the island of Malta!

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    1. Absolutely, it’s a great way to see the silent city for everyone!

  14. Looks like a great place for a family holiday, specially for the kids to explore history, culture and architecture too! The cathedral floor looks stunning 🙂

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