Create the Perfect Kids Flight Bag

Create the Perfect Kids Flight Bag

If you are flying with children then this is a must have! This is not a baby bag or part of your baby bag. This is a flight bag of your child’s very own. Ours is a bit battered and used, but I wouldn’t be without it. Here’s some ideas of what you might put in yours.

Munchkin Flight Bag

1. Sweets

Putting in some little packets of sweets or raisins will seem like a real treat when they see them included their bags. This will of course be the first thing they go for, so I put one pack in at a time so they don’t all get eaten up at once. I have also separated the treats out into a food bags so there is a variety of sweets and dried fruit. Then I can fill the same food bag back up when needed.

2. Colouring Books and Pencils

We make our own colouring books from the internet so it includes their favourite TV characters. Because we are making them we can make it as big or as small as we want. I also splashed out on a princess themed pencil case as she loves the idea of having posh pencils.

3. Activity books

The activity books pictured in our bag were from free child activity packs when we travelled with Air Transat. As we got off the plane I found loads of them completely unopened on the floor, so as I left I picked up a few more. These are great as they have activities you can do together, like spot the difference, complete the maze and guess the country on the map. All things that are probably a little too much for a munchkin of three to to on their own.  It’s also a great opportunity to teach them about your holiday or the world in general and solve some tricky activities together.


We have Guess Who and some alphabet cards in our bag along with some sewing cards. All very cheap to get hold of from the supermarket or online.


5. Magazine

My munchkin loves a magazine, or probably the free toy on the front, so this is seen as a real treat when it’s in the flight bag!

6. Stickers

Stickers can literally keep my munchkin occupied for hours! Sticking them over herself, me, my husband, her brother, her colouring book, the seat, the table…. the possibilities are endless.

7. Play Doh

You can usually find single pots of Play Doh for sale in the supermarket for £1 each and it’s a great activity for the kids to keep returning to.

8. Jewellery

Just by chance we put some bangles and snap on bracelets into the bag that my little one had won on the penny arcades in Southend. Again, she loved it! Thought it was great fun.

9. Books

This is good, especially if you’re trying to keep routines such as book before bed.

10. iPad and Headphones

iPad is  must for all the obvious reasons. I bought the Snug Play+ sound limiting earphones from Amazon to go with it and she now loves the iPad even more! In her own words, “she gets to do listening”. Can’t say fairer than that.


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  1. Great selection! Bringing a kid on a trip was one of the most difficult experiences I’ve had. My son was only 9 months then, and it was only a 1-hour flight plus a 1-hour ferry trip. I bought a book, 2 toys, and some biscuits. It wasn’t enough. Haha!
    Next time I’ll try bringing more. Coloring materials and stickers are a good idea. 🙂

    1. Having kids is just one huge learning curve isn’t it, that just keeps going…. 🙂

  2. Useful information. Fortunate me I found your site accidentally, and I am stunned why this coincidence didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

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