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Plotlands Langdon Nature Reserve

The Plotlands Trail at Langdon Nature Reserve

The Plotlands trail is not to be missed when visiting Langdon Nature Reserve. As well as the Peter Rabbit Trail which is also one of five themed character trails you can find in Essex, you can also enjoy the history of the Plotlands as you explore the reserve.

Address – The Plotlands Trail Essex

Langdon Nature Reserve, Lower Dunton Road, Basildon, SS16 6EJ

History of the Plotlands at Langdon Nature Reserve

In the early 1900s poor quality farm land was sold to property developers who divided the land into small plots. These plots were then sold to Londoners, eager to buy themselves a small retreat in the Essex Countryside.

Plotlands Langdon Nature Reserve - historic photo

Residents from London arrived at Laindon Station in their hundreds, ready to build their holiday homes. At first these were often tents or sheds. There was no running water or roads at this time either. However, this new way of life was deemed worth it to own your own plot of land!

Historic photo

As people started to move out of London during World War Two, the houses of the Plotlands at Langdon Nature Reserve became more permanent. Eventually the Plotlands became a thriving estate of around 200 homes and families.

What Happened to the Plotlands Homes?

After the war, Basildon Council started to buy up the plots of land as people started to move out. The bungalows were abandoned and left for the woodland to reclaim.

Plotlandstrail at Langdon Nature Reserve - brilliant views of the London City skyline
Plotlands Langdon Nature Reserve remains
Old plotlands residence

Since the 1980s the Plotlands is now under the care of the reserve. The Plotlands Trail is now open to visitors to explore and discover at their own pace.

As you walk around the ruins of past plots, you will come across some amazing and very unexpected views of the London City skyline, a wealth of apple and pear trees and many many blackberry bushes!

Apples at Plotlands

What Remains of The Plotlands at Langdon Nature Reserve

The Haven museum at the Plotlands trail Langdon Nature Reserve

The Haven is the only home that remains standing in its entirety and is now a museum. Inside you will get to experience what life was like for the people living here in the 1930s and 1940s.

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While you’re at Langdon Nature Reserve why not discover the Peter Rabbit trail?

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