12 Summer Activities in Whistler

There are loads of great activities to do in Whistler in the summer months. It's also a beautiful time of the year to visit! Even though this area is known for its snow and skiing, the summer is a wonderful time of the year to visit this world renowned ski town and resort. The lakes, the bears, the views, the shopping, the food and the weather are all things that make a summer vacation in the mountains a great holiday option. Here are 12 summer activities in Whistler, Canada you can do with your kids!

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What to Pack in your Kids Carry-on Bag

If you are planning to get on a plane with children it's a good idea to get each child their own carry-on bag. This is the perfect way for them (or you) to fill it with all the essentials THEY will need when they fly. This leaves your bag free to be packed with the things that you need and it also gives them a sense of being responsible for something and a little bit of independence. Here's our guide to what to pack in your kids carry-ons.

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