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5 of the Best Things to See in Norwich with kids

Here are 5 of the best things to do in Norwich with kids including visits to Norwich Cathedral and Norwich Castle!

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral lies at the heart of the city and is a place to enjoy the grounds and cloisters; the 900 year old cathedral building and a cheeky coffee and a cake in the Refectory cafe.

There are various exhibitions shown in and around the cathedral at different times of the year. You can even go into the cathedral library! You can find out what’s on and opening times for the library by visiting the website.

Norwich Cathedral - Norwich with kids

In school holidays Norwich Cathedral becomes a hub for families and children with free crafts and events running through out the holidays.

The Cathedral is now home to the countries second largest spire and cloisters, both bettered by Salisbury Cathedral.

Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle was originally designed as a royal residence in 1121. However, no royalty ever took up residence there! In the 14th century the castle was used as the county goal, but maintenance on the Keep was difficult and it wasn’t a very nice place to be. In 1894 it eventually became a museum and this is what you can enjoy today.

Norwich Castle - Norwich with kids

The best part of a visit to Norwich Castle has to be the Keep!

Explore the latrines, secret corridors in the walls and the wonderful 12th century stone arches that elegantly bend and stretch two stories above your head.

For the kids the best bit was looking down into the 41 meter well (double the height of the Keep itself). Then watching, mesmerised, how long it takes for a coin to fall to the bottom.

Norwich with kids - Keep well

If allowed, they would have spent the entire visit doing this!

Also, if you visit the castle within the last hour of opening, the price dramatically drops. It’s called a twilight ticket and details can be found here.

Norwich Market

Norwich Market, located on Gentleman’s Walk in the centre of the city, is one of the largest and oldest outdoor markets in the country.

Norwich with Kids - Norwich Market

When visiting Norwich with kids walk up and down the rows and discover a variety of stalls selling an assortment of foods, crafts, toys and flowers.

The market is fully open Monday to Saturday with only some stalls open on the Sunday.

The Lanes – Norwich with Kids

Norwich Lanes are a cluster of streets, alleyways and courtyards that offer a range of shopping opportunities on pedestrianised roads.

Norwich Lanes - Norwich with kids

Shop for clothes, a spot of lunch or a quick drink or just amble around Norwich Lanes on a visit to Norwich with kids.

Plantation Garden – Norwich with Kids

Discover Norwich’s hidden garden with a visit to Plantation Garden. The garden started as a passion project for wealthy victorian, Henry Trevor. Then in 1980 it became a registered charity to help preserve it.

Entrance is only £2 and there is a regular diary of events. This is all updated on their website.

However, there is no parking attached to the gardens. So it’s best to take a walk there as part of your day in Norwich.

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Pin it for Later - Norwich with kids
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  1. Sharon

    We’ve been itching to get back to the UK. Have never been to Norwich (those gardens are gorgeous!)

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      There are so many gorgeous places that get missed off the typical British holiday route

  2. Jennifer Brommer

    I would love to spend some time at the plantation gardens! Thanks for sharing these inspirational photos and that the fact that kids can appreciate this beauty too!

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      If the kids have a good day its much more probable everyone will have a good day 🙂

    2. Well Travelled Munchkins

      If the kids have a good day its much more probable everyone will have a good day 🙂

  3. Amanda

    These look like great ideas of things to do in Norwich with kids! I love anywhere with a castle!!

    1. Well Travelled Munchkins

      So do we.! Norwich is a lovely city and a great size to get around in a day!

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