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Best Places to Eat for a True Taste of Kiev

For a true taste of Kiev and traditional Ukrainian cuisine here are our top 4 places to eat in the city! 

Lviv Croissants

Address: Khreschatyk St, 24, Kyiv, 02000

As the name suggests, Lviv Croissants is a place you can go and enjoy a whole array of gorgeously presented and delicious tasting croissants!

Lviv Croissant a taste of Kiev's coffee culture
Lviv Croissant

Lviv Croissants is a franchise that compliments the massive cafe culture in Kiev. It has a cool and welcoming feel and the store on Khreschatyk Street has a huge pin board that runs along the wall, giving quite a unique snap shot of Kiev for those sitting at the bar style seats, like us.

This pin board is the home to hundreds of different notes, drawings and messages from customers who have felt inclined to doodled a little art or jot down an inspirational ditty, whilst enjoying their coffee and croissant – can you spot ours?

Feel free to doodle while your eating at Lviv Croissant
Feel free to doodle while your eating at Lviv Croissant

There is an exciting variety of sweet and savoury croissants for breakfast, lunch and dinner and there is the option to create your own croissant fillings too.

You can eat in or take away and on top of all that it is incredibly good value for money!

Bud’mo  Будьмо

Address: Mykhailivs’ka St, 22, Kyiv, 02000

Bud’mo or Будьмо is a more conventional restaurant serving a variety of traditional Ukrainian meals. 

Bud’mo Restauran for a true taste of Kiev
Bud’mo restaurant

The restaurant felt distinctly folksy with its wooden tables and chairs, reed tablecloths and waitresses dressed in vyshyvanka. It was this that really drew us in.

We were looking for a place were we could experience typical and traditional Ukrainian food and we definitely found it here at Bud’mo.

The menu was expansive and included meals from the obscure, like heart and tongue, the traditional like borscht soup, chicken Kiev and sweet and savoury dumplings and the well known like sausage and potato chips.

The prices reflect the fact that you are in a restaurant setting, but the food is good and you feel like you are being treated to a proper traditional Ukrainian meal. 

Two Geese Два Гуся

Address: Khreschatyk St, 7/11, Kyiv, 02000

The Two Geese ended up being one of our favourite places to eat and a true taste of Kiev.

Two Geese for a more relaxed experience with traditional Ukrainian food

It was always full of locals, which is invariably a good sign, it was incredibly cheap and the food was amazing.

The Two Geese is a buffet type affair where you pick your food from the counter and the servers on the other side plate it up for you. You then precariously stack your many plates on your tray and carefully slide it down to the till area where you ultimately pay for your sizable meal before heading off to find a table.

There is so much choice and so much food on offer we always took more than we needed, but somehow, between all of us, we did manage to eat it all.

You can experience some of the Ukraine’s more traditional cuisine such as borscht soup, chicken Kiev, sweet and savoury dumplings, pancakes, cabbage rolls and pierogies for a fraction of the price. However, the setting is much more relaxed and there is no table service.

There were also no high chairs on offer, which is something to consider if you are travelling with babies. Because of this we did a mixture of holding our one year old and having him in the pushchair. If I was to go to Kiev again I would most certainly pack a travel booster seat as we found high chairs were missing from a few places we ate in.


Address: Val St, 13, Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast, 01034

After a long walk up a steep hill we were looking for a place to grab some lunch and we came across Yaroslava by chance.

Pastries on offer at Yaroslava
Pastries on offer at Yaroslava

We had prepared our selves for a sit down, table service meal and then noticed the throng of people queuing out the door at the far end of the restaurant.

On closer inspection we realised everyone was buying bags and bags of small pasties in a myriad of different sweet and savoury flavours.

We soon ditched the menus and followed suit and they were simply amazing, great to share and very easy on the wallet!

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