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Things to do in Port Isaac Cornwall with Kids

Port Isaac Cornwall is a small, rugged, traditional fishing village on the north coast of Cornwall. Nowadays it is best known as the home of Doc Martin starring Martin Clunes. Port Isaac with kids is a lovely little stop on your Cornish travel itinerary.

Port Isaac Cornwall with Kids – Getting there

Port Isaac with kids

When you first arrive at Port Isaac you might wonder where it is!

The sat nav will deliver you to a very residential looking road with a small corner shop for company. Don’t worry though, you are in the right place!

Port Isaac is situated down a very steep hill down the cliff edge. I would not advise taking the car down there. Instead, park on the top of the hill and walk down. Port Isaac is definitely one to discover on foot!

The Village of Port Isaac

Port Isaac has a harder feel to it. The browns and the greys of the town make it feel a little more industrious and rugged. It gives the impression that Port Isaac was made to be used, not just to look at.

Port Isaac is not very big at all, but it doesn’t portray itself as small or dainty in the slightest. Its appeal lies in the magnificent views out to sea and its position nested at the bottom of a steep sided valley.

Port Isaac Cornwall with kids

Doc Martin – Port Isaac Cornwall

Port Isaac is also the home of the TV series Doc Martin and there are lots of opportunities for you to find some of the iconic locations filmed in the series.

Fern Cottage, which can be seen across the bay when you first arrive, is used as the doctors surgery and can be rented as a holiday let for die hard fans!

You can find suggestions of other places to visit on the Visit Cornwall website.

Port Isaac Cornwall with kids

Things to do in Port Isaac Cornwall with Kids

Grab an award winning pasty at May Contain Nuts, which is located on that steep hill as you walk into the village. We had two or three from there!

Go for a drink at The Moat beside the boat ramp in the middle of the village. With drink in hand stand and watch the waves crash against the cliffs when the tide is in and enjoy the views of the beach when the tide is out. You may get lucky and see some seals as well! This was the most enjoyable part of our trip to Port Isaac Cornwall by far!

You can also go for dinner at the Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen. This restaurant can be found in the oldest building in Port Isaac. They do some nice fish dishes at a premium price, but if you are in the market for that the location could not be better!

Port Isaac Cornwall with kids

What Port Isaac Cornwall with Kids is missing

The main thing to remember when visiting Port Isaac is that there is no shop in the village. The only shop is located on the top of the cliff.

So be prepared to eat out or take a picnic with you so you don’t have to keep walking up and down the hill.

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