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Eden Project Cornwall with Kids

Our trip to the Eden Project Cornwall was gifted to Well Travelled Munchkins. All words, photos and opinions are our own.

My husband and I first visited the Eden Project Cornwall on our first ever holiday together back in 2010. Ten years later we got the chance to go back and take our three kids with us to explore the iconic Biodomes and the world’s largest rainforest in captivity!

Eden Project with kids

Eden Project with Kids – The History

The Eden Project was started in 1995 and built in the remains of an old clay pit. From start to finish the Eden Project took six years to complete. It finally opened its doors for the first time in 2001.

Eden Project with kids

The Eden Project even put itself in the Guinness Book of World Records for the 230 miles of scaffolding used to build Eden’s Biodomes!

The Eden Project is registered as an educational charity and uses the entrance fee to help fund research and maintain the site.

Eden Project with kids
Eden Project with kids
Eden Project with kids
Eden Project safety measures
Queuing for the rainforest Biodome
Eden Project safety measures
Eden Project with kids
They were more enchanted with the tractor than the skaters!

Things to do at the Eden Project with Kids

Bidomes – Rainforest

The best thing about the Eden Project is the Biodomes!

They have not only become iconic to the Eden Project, but are impressive to look at and even more exciting to be inside!

Rainforest Biodome

Our favourite was the Rainforest Biodome. The world’s largest rainforest in captivity! It is the largest Biodome out of the two and there is so much to discover for adults and children alike!

Eden Project with kids
Rainforest Biodome rope bridge

There is a great rope bridge, which is always good fun for everyone involved. There’s also an impressive array of plants and trees and various tropical fruits to spot and educate yourselves and your kids on too!

We learnt what ginger and rice plants looked like and we showed the kids a cocoa pod. We then tried to explain to them that this is where chocolate came from… we blew their minds!

I also really enjoyed that there were opportunities to discuss some of the ways we need to look after our planet with our children.

Eden Project with kids
See a real time reading of the amount of co2 levels in the atmosphere

The first of these was looking at the harmful effects of co2 emissions, and the second was the devastating effects of rainforest deforestation. We talked about what it means for the world and for those that depend on the rainforest. It was a chance for them to ask questions and a excuse for us to teach them about the world they live in.

I definitely think they got so much more out of the Eden Project than simply looking around some plants. When we visited the Eden Project with kids, our children were five and two and were completely emerged in everything that was going on!

Eden Project Cornwall with kids
Resident roul roul (Crested Partridge)
Eden Project Cornwall with kids
Always something to look at, learn from and discover

Biodomes – Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Biodome was smaller, however, my husband actually enjoyed it more. I wonder if it had anything to do with the beautiful taverna style cafe where you could enjoy a little adult beverage whilst taking in the ambiance of feeling like you were on holiday somewhere in the Med?


There is a mini vineyard where you can learn about Dionysus (Greek god of wine) and a fast array of chillies! (My husband is also a massive fan of spicy food.)

Mediterranean Biodome

Eden Project with Kids – Accessibility


Whilst visiting the Eden Project with kids, all areas are very accessible for those of us with prams and pushchairs. The only stairs you will need to contend with are those at the end of the rope bridge in the rainforest Biodome. If this is an issue for you, you can choose to miss out the rope bridge all together.


There were lots of designated places for families to picnic around the Eden Project. This is especially good news when visiting the Eden Project Cornwall with kids. A picnic offers so much more freedom to enjoy the day on your own terms. We are also big fans of a good picnic!

Picnic area Eden Project Cornwall

There is a cafe in between the two Biodomes if you did want to get something hot to eat or just a coffee and a cake.

Shopping at the Eden Project Cornwall

There is a huge gift shop at the end of your one way journey and a small nursery where you could even pick up your very own plant to take home.

Eden Project Cornwall with kids


Overall our visit to the Eden Project with kids was really very good! It was something we all enjoyed together. No one said they were bored, no one complained, we had no problems. We were all keen to see everything, however, not at the expense of what we were experiencing in the moment.

Eden Project with kids

I’d love to have dinner in the taverna in the Mediterranean Biodome the next time we visit!

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