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7 Best Things to do on a Family Holiday to Malta

A family holiday to Malta is a really easy option when looking for family-friendly package holidays. Malta is a short three hour flight from London. It sits just under Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea and is home to thousands of years worth of history all stored within its rocky coastline. A family holiday to Malta is a great option for those looking for a resort style family-friendly package holiday but with the added option of some off-the-beaten track exploration as well! Here are 7 must-see sights when visiting Malta on a Family Holiday.

1. Valletta – a must-see when on a family holiday to Malta

One of the best things to do in Malta with kids is to visit the islands capital city Valletta. The place simply took my breath away!

Adults and children alike fall in love with this slice of mediterranean history. A visit to Valletta is an absolute must when on a family holiday to Malta.

Valletta - best family-friendly sights in Malta

Valletta is a great day out for families. Prepare to spend the day wandering around historic gardens, exploring important strategic forts like St Elmo’s, having a look around the shops and markets in the old town’s quaint and narrow streets and looking out across the beautiful Three Cities.

best family-friendly sights in Malta

It’s worth noting that Queen Elizabeth II lived in Valletta from 1949 – 1951 in the early years of her marriage to Prince Phillip. He was stationed in Malta as a naval officer. It is the only place, other than the UK, Queen Elizabeth II has ever lived.

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2. Mdina – another family holiday to Malta must-see!

Mdina, the Maltese fortified hilltop city, has a history that dates back over 4000 years and used to be the island’s capital city. It is dubbed the ‘Silent City’ as no cars are allowed past the city the walls.

This is the place where you spend your time walking around, going for coffee and looking at the views. Mdina has such a lovely feel to it and I think that’s because the hustle and bustle of everyday life is muted by the lack of cars.

best family-friendly sights in Malta - Mdina
Quiet streets of Mdina

Mdina is probably best known for being a prominent filming location in season one of the hit TV series Game of Thrones. The best place to compare screen to real life is the Mdina Gate.

best family-friendly sights in Malta
Mdina Gate

Another visit well worth the money is St. Paul’s Cathedral and Museum. The intricate marble work on the floors and the colours in the cathedral are exquisite. The museum attached is also reaaly interesting for adults and children alike.

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3. Sandy Beaches

Malta is not known for its sandy beaches, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any to discover!

best family-friendly sights in Malta
Riviera Beach

The best ones by far are Riviera Beach on the north west side of the island and Golden Bay, situated a little bit further north up the coastline.

Golden Bay Malta
Golden Bay

Both are easily accessible by public transport and both are wonderful sandy beaches. A day at the beach has to be listed as one of the best things to do in Malta with kids!

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4. Popeye Village

Popeye Village is the set of the 1980 film Popeye, which starred a very young Robin Williams. After filming ended the set was turned into a small theme park. At Popeye Village you can enjoy lots of Popeye themed memorabilia, explore Popeye and Olive Oyl’s houses and meet the characters.

best family-friendly sights in Malta - Popeye Village

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5. Catacombs of Rabat

The Catacombs of Rabat are a series of tunnels where ancient communities of the past would inter their dead.

Catacombs of Rabat - best family-friendly sights in Malta

Within the Catacombs you can see human remains, inscriptions and the faint remains of painted tombs.

best family-friendly sights in Malta

The tunnels have been used for various different things throughout the years such as air raid shelters and even a church!

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6. Day Trip to Gozo and Comino – a great day trip when on a family holiday to Malta

A Day trip to Gozo or Gozo and Comino is a great addition to a family holiday to Malta.

You can book a day trip with a travel agent, who will arrange to collect and drop you off at your hotel, or you can book the ferry and bus services yourself.

best family-friendly sights in Malta
Ir-Rabat, Gozo

Gozo is Malta’s smaller cousin to the north, but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in charm and history! One of the highlights is a visit to Ir-Rabat (Victoria), Gozo’s capital.

Our tour of Gozo was a bit whistle stop. This was mainly because we visited Comino on the same day on a pre-arranged tour. If I had the chance again I would definitely give Gozo my full attention for an entire day, as there is just so much to see.

best family-friendly sights in Malta - Camino Island

Comino was good, but a little over rated. It has the tiniest little beach, which is very lovely, but also very packed. The island is uninhabited so there is nothing much to do – apart from build yourself a stone cairn. Although as you can see the colour of the water is spectacular and many choose to hire boats or book boat excursions around the island.

best family-friendly sights in Malta

7. National Aquarium, Bugibba

The National Aquarium is a great option if you are looking for something to do indoors while on a family holiday to Malta.

best family-friendly sights in Malta - National Aquarium

There is a lovely restaurant overlooking the water, a cafe with tables set up outside and a great underwater themed playground.

On arrival to the aquarium you can ask for a wrist band. This allows you to re-enter the aquarium at any point in the day. A great excuse to break for lunch and then head back afterwards. This is especially important if you have booked an all-inclusive package holiday to Malta.

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